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Discussion in '2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S' started by killiman1, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. i like zondas front better but the way this is put togheter is amazing
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    Koenigsegg kills the zonda. not that the zonda doesnt kick a whole lot of ass on its own, though. But theres no way it could beat a Koenigsegg.
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    this would kill the zonda. i would put my life on it... go to the official website though and what really amazes me about this car is the doors and the way they open
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    and.... this car is so underrated its pathetic
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    This accelerates faster, to a higher top speed and faster on the track than the Pagani. Suprisingly underrated this car, its a fine piece of engineering.
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    i really love this car but i have to give props to the zonda it does beat this in a track couse...even though it is faster than a zonda in a straight is lighter and more powerful than a mclaren as well...yet the zonda only beat it by a 1/10th of a second on a track...and its top speed is susposed to be around 245mph
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    im just waiting on the highspeedtest too see realy how fast the CC can manage
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    I have no doubts that if pushed, it will beat the McLaren F1, and dethrone it.
    Then perhaps the Veyron...
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    hard choice, but i like this slightly beter.
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    well unlike what most people thin, the zonda's handling isnt as good as they expected it to be...for example in top gear they put the zonda against the murcielago and it showed that the zonda tends to slide alot since its power to weight ratio isnt as good as people like to think level and it puts down too much "thrust" on turns but it kills the murcielago on straights since it has a stiffer suspension and more overall power. i havent seen any tests of the cc 8s so i dont know how weel it does on the track but im pretty sure that it handles better since it seems to have a better power to weight ratio so it should do better on turns and the acceleration of the cc is much better. also the zonda cannot go 245 mph but it is a very fast car.
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    forgive the spelling errors i was on the phone
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    Koenigsegg any day
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    I like both of them. I would like to see this on Gran Turismo 4.
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    actually, as mentioned before, the CC lost by 1/10th of a second on the track to the Zonda, even when having 100 HP less to put down. The Zonda is, as well the Koeniggsegg, a killer driving-machine, and both cars sting like a bee, when you floor the throotle. On that point, both cars a bit virile on the tarmac - and of course they are, when you put 550 BHP to the rearwheels...
    But the CC was faster by 4 miles on topspeed on the straight line test on Top Gear....
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    550 or more of course...
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    Sick car...the zonda is alrite but looks shorter
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    dude i love zonda but still, this is WAAAAAy better than the zonda.
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    well i mean this is way better then the Zonda that is all i have to say
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    I would take this over the Zonda for obvious reasons and besides the CCR is simply amazing!
  20. cc 8s not a ccr dumass still cc8s kicks a hole lot of a*s
  21. I'd have to take the Koenigsegg. While Pagani is a great manufacturer, I don't like the Zonda quite as much as the CC 8S.

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