This weekend we had our 1 driveby shooting

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CitroenSM, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. I call my d the ragin cajun
  2. all cock owners have tiny guns
  3. first off my dikc is small ...TINEY
    secondly, i didnt read this thread, just teh third page and i gotta say, pretty lo l why we talking about cajinsang
  4. we're talking down south durian, old school style.
  5. food for people with small dicks
  6. oh really. And what would you do if someone pointed a 500 s&w at your tempo? Would you say that?
  7. Anyway Sweden isn't the Watts or the Bronx, so 1 drive by shooting per 25 years, isn't that much
  8. Gun pointed at my tempo
  9. Please don't shot my ford
  10. Long Dong Silver's is pretty good I like there chicken fingers

    Hemistage would order the shrimp basket and I would order the chicken fingers and we would share a large Pepsi since we're on a budget
  11. What if he wants diet
  12. ya I meant diet Pepsi since we're both trying to get in shape
  13. I can picture shootings at UFC events.
  14. maybe if they were down on the ground scissoring each other and one got a bit excited and the other got a bit scared

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