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  1. Saab definitely should produce something like this. Instead of just saying that they were founded by aviators, they would be incorporating their past in a very unique way.

    Oh yeah, it looks great and (should) have the performance to back it up.
  2. If they clean the design up just a bit, like the side windows and the insane entry 'door''ll be a damn nice offering from Saab as a luxo GT Coupe. I really want to see this on the road.

    I love those wheels...hah. They remind me of the Spyker Aeroblade wheels...
  3. Not gonna happen, but would be cool.
  4. Nice illumination inside, awsome speedometer and entry 2 the car. There would be a huge line up for a futuristic car like this if it were build.
  5. I love this car. I love the entry way and the cockpit inside and the dashboard and everything. I would love to have one of these, and experience driving it. Hopefully at some time in the future this would be a production car. It may set new standards for new designs to come.
  6. True.
  7. agreed. its a beautiful car.
  8. Yes, it is beautiful. Of course, the rising door thing would have to be removed for production, which in turn would reduce weight and performance would improve. Good power, nice design, and a good idea to progress into the future.
  9. futuristic designed interior is very very good illuminated. exterior is awsome also
  10. Yes it would, and actually this is the only saab i felt that i really want to have, or atleast get a ride in.

    It is so cool, the whole car looks great, even the interior, and i've never liked saabs interiors.


    // Krillmeister
  11. just as said. it would never happen. besides if it did saab would ruin it. i would see the illumination gone, the top gone replaced with a fixed roof and conventional doors, probably only 2 doors but enough room for at least 4 if not 5, one of their present turbocharged engines, and i'm sure they'd 'soften' up the design abit although to me it's a soft design already. i'd take one though. if they built it as it is. maybe some more conventinal doors and fixed roof but other than that.
  12. Saab should produce it exactly as it's displayed here in these photos. Even if the price is $100,000 or more. People will buy it simply because of it's unique design. Who has a car that opens up like a jet? Out of all the Saab models this one really stands out as one that was designed by jet engineers.
  13. Did anyone else notice that the windows wouldnt open? I dont really want to give that up for this, but still pretty ncie
  14. Saab should definitely build this car, it even looks good in white!
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    Everybody that owns a Sterling/Nova...

    Since this site won't let me post an image:
  16. Everybody that owns a Sterling/Nova...
  17. go for it Saab.
  18. sweet car not a big fan of white though.

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