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  1. ...... Here it is. The thread for old people.

    Why do parents say/do weird crap?
    Our 1 year old goes to bed at 830pm, and wakes up at 730am-ish. Other friends of ours that are parents ask us how we get our kid to sleep in so long, because their child is 2 or 3, and always wakes up at like, 4 or 5am. Then we ask them what time their kid goes to bed, and they say 6pm ........ err, obvious answer is obvious?
    Then we had a friend over the other night comment on how late our kids go to bed?

    I dont even get home from work before 6pm sometimes. I assume they get home and put their kids straight to bed. .... Thats boring.

    Also, the other day, we had juice in our fridge, and no sugar coke. We were about to treat the kids with a tiny bit, and I thought, i'll go with the coke. Because, well, zero carbs/sugar, and they wont go crazy. Immediately the wifes friend says 'omg, youre giving them coke!? Give them the juice, its much better'.

    Tell me. Kids bedtimes? And things you think are weird that parents do, but seems to be common.
  2. I don't have kids.
    My sister is super strict about her kids' (4-ish and 7-ish) routine and schedule. So much so that the kids are sometimes deprived of new experiences, because she's afraid one might miss their nap time or meal time and get all cranky. She has gained some flexibility over the years, but you can tell that they're not as brave as other kids to try something new.
    On my brother's side, things are a little more chaotic (in both good and bad ways). His eldest (9) is a super picky eater and that creates a lot of drama, especially when out of the house (i.e restaurants).
  3. I know juice has a metric ton of sugar in it, but I'd rather offer my kids that than Coke Zero. Coke has an indecent amount of sodium, and is probably more aggressive on the teeth than meth.
  4. I believe the sodium comes from the artificial sweetener.
  5. Many people are idiots to begin with.
    Weird things; sucking snot with a straw.
  6. our crew starts its routine at around 18h30; bath/shower, teeth and pyjamas,
    19h00 story time for older, calm moment for the toddler
    they usually sleep at around 19h30 max. Wake up at 6h-6h30.

    During vacations/weekends or if they have a very good nap during the day we might extend but it can also go the opposite way.

    I don't give my childrens soda because its shit, neither do I give them cheap juice because again, its shit.
    If you're ok feeding shit to your childrens don't judge others who aren't.

    That's the beauty of parenting, so many different standards.
  7. its not a straw, its like a reverse enema

    its a newborn how the **** do you think it'll clean its nose, son
  8. My kids start getting ready for bed at 7pm. Bed time snack, brush teeth get jammies on etc.
    Then I give them 15 min of TV before bed. Usually asleep around 8pm. They sleep till anywhere from 7-9. Obviously I waken them up for school.

    As for weird parent habits. Fart noises are one that I laugh about. Cause I tell that hem not that hem make those noises. Knowing that when they get older I will tell them they are too old to make them.
    So when mom's/wifes not around I will randomly go on a far noise bender with my kids.
  9. As for food and what I let them eat. They can eat what ever they want in moderation. I do however make sure the three main meals of the day are healthy. Mainly keto for main meals. Fresh vegetables, fresh organic meats. No carbs. But that because I make my kids eat what I eat for meals. As for the rest of the day, snacking and munching etc. They can have whatever they want. I don't limit what they can have, just limit how much of it they can have
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I lucked out with my kid. She actually prefers fruits and veggies to candy. Even if I offer candy, she'll usual ask for carrots or an orange instead.
    Even as a main course she most of the time would rather have a salad or chicken than a burger.
    Another fun part of parenting is 'picking' on them. I'll ask her what she wants for Christmas. Then I'll be like, how about a sack of salt instead? Or how about a catdog or a pet dragon? Or how about we just watch the paint on the wall instead of opening presents? My friend's kid likes Zelda, Metroid and stuff like that. Well mess with her when she's in ear shot. We'll say something like, did you play that new Zelda game? I hear it has that guy Samus in it. Then she'll shout from across the room, "Samus isn't a boy!"
  12. not a parent, but that soda v juice sounds like typical irrational humans making decisions from ignorance

    bed time issue sounds like people arent putting any thought into what they do or why they do it or if there is a better way to go about their life
    common, sad stuff
  13. I also try and maintain a 15 minutes of TV/video games for every hour of physical activity or learning activity.

    I also repaint their rooms once every 6 months or so. And make them choose the colors and help with the painting. Apparently this can help with decision making as an adult.
  14. I don't give a #@%$, I just let it crawl and poo around the place and suck on whatever
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  15. I have the best methods

    She's like a wild animal. Bite force of her gums is over 90000N.
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  16. Also. We took our 14 month old to Bali, Java, Malaysia and Sri Lanka last year, and every other parent we know is freakin out about how we did it.
    Well its only 1 child, between 2 adults. Surely thats easy enough for most?!. And when hes tired, he sleeps about anywhere. He slept on almost every plane we took, for almost entire flights. Packed some formula. Ate lots of rice and whatever we were eating.
    He has basic routine. 3 meals a day at roughly the same time. Always has a bottle of water on hand. 2 sleeps, at roughly the same time, for roughly the same lengths of time. Thats about where the routine ends. Makes travelling and going out much easier. I could never do the strict time schedules some parents do. I applaud the ones that can do it, because it really does give kids loads of stability.
    But the amount of new parents I know that suffered depression, or even got divorced, because they let their kid change their whole life around, every part, is ridiculous. Lighten up. Kids are hard, dont make it harder. Give yourself some time too! Geez.
  17. one is easy, two is the real challenge
    some kids are travel proof, some arent', we can't fit all the kids into the same damn model
  18. if you get the bigger models i think most will fit
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  19. you're really unto something here
  20. My God, that's like 20 years ago for me. :(

    Oh well.

    With my 2 boys, sleep time started a 8:30pm and they were up around 6-6:30am, so that's fine because I woke up at that to go to work.
    That gave me time to have breakfast with them and joke around. I let them have soft drinks right off the bat, make them learn that, yeah it looks good, but I never let them have like 5 cans a day. Always healthy food for breakfast, diner and supper.
    Munchies? yeah sure why not, again, not overboard.

    Toys were mostly educationnal and yes, video games was good to go. Games were for kids, non of that violent stuff. And again, max was like 1 hour, not 5.

    I usually go along with them, and I never ever let other parents / relatives dictate on what should I do with my kids, My response to them was STFU!!! I'm the father of my 2 boys, not you people!
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