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  1. The tipping culture needs to change.

    It has become unacceptable to not leave a tip, or leave less that 12-15% - even if the service wasn't good. We have laws that oblige employers to pay their employees (i.e. waiters), so the tips are normally extra income anyway. When you order food - most places here make you pay for delivery. And still, you're expected to tip the delivery guy on top of that. If I'm on my own, that could mean a good 20% extra on my one meal.

    It's even worse in the States, from my experience. You even tip taxi drivers, whose only job is to drive you around - and there's a meter for that.

    What's it like where you're at and what do you think about it?
  2. tipping sucks. why does it exist in the first place.
  3. i don't tip as its not expected in australia.

    service staff are paid pretty well for what they do if they are paid according to their award.
  4. If you don't tip 16% in Canada expect your food to get spit in the next time you gotta that restaurant.

    That being said I only tip good service. If the service is shit I make it clear to the waiter/waitress that I thought was not acceptable and I cut the tip accordingly.

    My problem with tipping really comes in when all I'm doing is picking something up. Like ordering Chinese food or something. Coming to pick it up and seeing a tip jar. Or going into a gas station and seeing a tip jar. I have even seen tip jars at grocery stores
  5. i only tip if the service was great.
  6. No cheap Jew joke yet?!!

    Anyway, there is not much of a tipping culture here, which is nice. Egypt was the worst I've experienced, where you were expected to give every #$%#ing one some money.
  7. I'll tip taxi drivers every single time, even if I'm cheap about tipping waitresses/bartenders sometimes. Taxi drivers are some of the only blue-collar types working an unregulated wage, and with this 'uber' bullshit coming in, their income is only getting lower.
  8. Depends where I am.

    Once I left a "generous" tip of about 50 ¥ in a Beijing restaurant. The waitress came running after us with the money, we were already a couple of blocks away from the restaurant.
  9. I don't give a shit what people think or where I am - I always tip based on service (it starts around 15% and goes up or down or nowhere from there) and by how much services/preparation is involved (if I order an expensive steak and a glass of wine, I'm not going to tip orders of magnitude better than I would for a cheaper cut and glass of water).
  10. It doesn't exist here (thankfully) so I never have to worry about it. I've been to a few restaurants in Auckland where they've started adding the "Add tip?" message to credit card machines and I always decline.
    I'm glad that feature exists in North America, though. Tipping makes cash societies even more antiquated.

    And while we're on stupid methods of payment. North Americans, start including tax into sticker prices of things in stores. Jesus #$%#.
  11. wait they don't?

    reminds me of portugal. only prices in kg. you end up with a bag of cornflakes of 30.00

    so stupid.
  12. go buy a bottle of water from a convenience store
    price in fridge says $1.50
    "that'll be $1.68 please"
    "#$%# you"
  13. I tip well because I've waited tables before and it's horrible, shitty work. Waiters take all the heat from anything that goes wrong in a restaurant.

    I agree that in the US they are not paid enough, and to top it off they have to pay taxes on their tips as well. That's also why I tip cash and hope they just pocket it.
  14. Only if I'm at a restaurant and the bill is like $87. I'll just fork out $90 and not worry about getting change back... if that counts as tipping.
  15. This is pretty much the truth.

    That said, even as a heavy tipper, I think that we should just build the price into the bill and do away with tipping except in exceptional circumstances. This is starting to happen around where I live, as we're phasing in a living minimum wage of $15/hr, with no exemption for wait staff.

    Also we should have to include all taxes in the listed price for goods.
  16. same
    just do a normal job I don't expect anything but respect
  17. Same for me
  18. Come to think of it, we're only expected to tip in restaurants/bars and when we order takeouts.

    And America not including tax in the prices really is confusing.
  19. no tipping in Australia, thank god.

    I hate how tips are so commonplace in USA. I never carry cash on me, and you kinda have to in America.
  20. There certainly is, although I don't think it's part of the 'culture' like in USA
  21. Its not expected anywhere.
    Anyone would tip if service was genuinely amazing and you have spare cash, or you couldnt be bothered waiting for your change. For someone to receive a tip would be surprising on their behalf.
  22. Americans don't pay sales tax on necessities like food except for alcohol and soda. What kind of sick and twisted government would do such a thing?
  23. Eh, it depends on the state and locality.
  24. We definitely do in WV.
  25. Sounds like communism.

    Why do you hate freedom so much?

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