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  1. I'll be up in Calgary in August. What are some good eating places there? I want fast food not hear in the US and restaurants in the ~$20 a plate range.
  2. get a panini from tim hortons
  3. I am Canadian, yet this thread does not apply to me

  4. River Cafe
    (80) · Canadian
    Rustic-chic spot for refined local meals
    25 Prince's Island SW
    Opens at 11:00 AM

    (46) · Restaurant
    Fine seasonal cuisine in a historic home
    1240 8 Ave SE
    Opens at 11:30 AM

    CHARCUT Roast House
    (68) · Restaurant
    Hip steakhouse with house-butchered meat
    899 Centre Street SW #101
    Opens at 11:00 AM
  5. don't go to canada, i heard 300.000 syrians are allowed in the country
  6. River Cafe is actually pretty excellent. It's probably the best located restaurant in Calgary, beautiful place, especially in summer, and the food is good too. As far as cafes located on parks, Boxwood on Central Memorial Park is also worth going to. Both have excellent food, and a cool view, and stuff to sightsee nearby. Rouge is right next to where I used to live; they got a new chef shortly before I moved, and I've heard it hasn't been up to its old standard of excellence. Great food every time I've been there though, but doesn't have the location of the River Cafe. But none of these are fast-food, and can get pricey.

    If you want Calgary fast food that you can't get elsewhere, head to Fat City Franks. Tubby Dog is kinda shitty, but they have live music too if you're wandering around the bars late at night on a weekend or something; they're pretty much an icon of Calgary's punk scene. You might run into Finger Eleven there. Burger Inn is also awesome. Wow Chicken is one of my favorite fast food places in Calgary, although you can find Korean fried chicken all over. It's in Kensington though, which is a cool place to walk around so it might be worth a trip anyway.

    There's lots of diners worth going to, especially for breakfast. The Fine Diner in Inglewood, Red's Cafe in Ramsay, Blue Star in Bridgeland. Blue Star is probably the easiest to get to if you're getting around via the train, but all of them are close to downtown if you're renting a car.
  7. You still live in Calgary?
  8. I'm in Southern Ontario now, Kingston.
  9. why would you do that to the poor guy?
  10. Go to 226 6th Avenue West and you can see the first project I worked on.
  11. I'm pissed about that!!!
    We DO NOT need anymore refugees. Enough is enough!
  12. you guys have the space for it just build a refugeeville somewhere in sask its a shitty provence so theyll make it better
  13. Are you working on Brookfield?
  14. It's ok. I can help freedomize them. I'm from the US. it's what we do.
  15. French maid.
  16. Yes sir, the guy in the office who lead the design it left to go back for a masters so I've been seeing it through construction.
  17. It's a handsome building. Cenovus is probably slapping themselves over the lease they signed, but any news on the West tower?
  18. Make Canada great again
  19. Yeah, I think they're trying to sublet a bunch of the floors. Nothing that I've heard, they're having enough trouble filling up this one. I designed another little twin 5 storey complex out there by the airport last year but they can't find a tenant so the drawings are just collecting dust.
  20. don't worry, we will kill them with kindness

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