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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lizardmech, May 21, 2017.

  1. lol oh cryptocurrency. It's so easy to fall into the allure of a thing when you think it's the emergent behavior if the future with it's flotsam jetsam gold chain and backwards base ball cap. What a bunch of young invincibles you are.
  2. bitcoin and coins in general are just a conceptualisation of the technology behind all of this. the DLT is what matters, its a revolution
  3. but are we just waiting for one to emerge? or will there really be several different kinds?
    i havent put a ton of time into learning about this stuff, im waiting for it to get sorted out
  4. everybody wants their own coin to benefit from the hype

    the technology underneat is better point of focus, since you can adapt it to healthcare, voting, real eastate, etc.
  5. Bitcoin seems to be the only one actually widely used for exchange of goods and services. The others seem like commodity trading. I'm guessing they work for money laundering too.
  6. Bitcoin hit $3500 or so the other day.
  7. yeah **** me twice, last time I wanted to get in it was at 2000
  8. The bubble is gonna blow soon
  10. pandabeat is on twitter and in between racist rants he'll complain about how some crypto currency stole money from him

    like over multiple tweets
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  11. I would be interested in reading this
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  12. typical victim attitude
  13. holy shit lizard mech is pandabeat
  14. I might sign up for Twitter just so I can follow PB

    So he's turned into a racist? sounds fun
  15. there it is

    i love how even though hes brown, hes so into the far right stuff that he talks about how great white people are
  16. Pretty sure he's shit posting and mocking the post above him.
  17. It's weird. I used to have him on facebook and he would post a lot of socialist che guavara like stuff. So him being extreme right wing surprises me.
  18. yeah just some kek right fellow pede
    owning libtards with red pills
  19. Is his sister on twitter
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  20. I wish @RealPandaBeat would post here again
    alas he's too good for us and has taken to twitter
  21. I did some work for a friend on his website earlier this year, and when i thought he was going fo pay me in a draft of some kind, it turned out the envelope had an offline wallet in it. I was like, ugh, dude whatever and tossed it in my desk until i figured out how i was going tk do anything with it.

    Its .844ish BTC and it was at around $1200 at the time. Gonna sit on it i guess.
  22. sitting on a bitcoin

    feels good man

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