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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by Nick D, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Someone's still hacking me.
  2. Yep on the Vinci GT supercar
  3. Let's not start sucking each other's dicks yet.
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  5. +1 Robot Keitel
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  7. Pulp Fiction. The Wolf.
  8. You missed "+1 Robot Keitel".
  9. All set
  10. All set
  11. All set
  12. All set
  13. Thanks a ton Dan, quick question though.

    Did you reset my email to the correct address ( [email protected] ), or do I have to change it myself? If I do, I have tried but am not able to since I do not know the prior address used. (I tried Blitz's addy but that still failed; "Sorry, That is not the correct password for this user account.")

  14. To change your email address you just need to enter your password and your new email address.
  15. I'm retarded, I was thinking it was asking for old email addy. I'm all set! I appreciate it.
  16. Cool, thanks.
  17. fordracing

    popeben @ gmail . com

    Thanks for helping us out. For the record my account has been messed up since December.
  18. edit: Word account banned due to MASSIVE spamming, he knows this.
  19. Thanx 4 posts Admin.
  20. test

    edit: test 2

    edit: test 3

    editing takes you back to the first post in the thread? Cool, I'm sure it didn't do that before
  21. My Premium and Mod powers?

  23. That should be changed to the post that you've just edited, instead of going to the first post on the first page.

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