Tony Kanaan burned in pits at Edmonton IRL race

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  1. EDMONTON, Alberta - Will Power led almost the entire way Sunday to capture the Rexall Edmonton Indy in a race marred by a pit fire that burned driver Tony Kanaan’s hands and face.

    Power, the first-year driver for Penske Racing, finished 1.094 seconds ahead of teammate Helio Castroneves.

    Target Chip Ganassi driver Scott Dixon was third.

    Kanaan, the Brazilian driver for Andretti Green, was injured on his first pit stop when the ethanol fuel pump filling his car appeared to not shut off properly, dousing him and his car in fuel.

    Seconds later the car caught fire, with Kanaan frantically struggling to free himself as crews doused his No. 11 Dallara Honda with water. Kanaan later waved to the crowd as he was led away for medical tests.
  2. Some scary days for racing lately..
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  4. holy crap, he's pretty lucky
    see how fast those other team mechanics respond to that fire? impressive stuff
    i saw a fuel spill this weekend at Spa & nobody else reacted on it, altough no fire but still that was right next to the exhaust
  5. The scariest pit fire I've seen. His reaction alone tightens my jaw. On board and and the 2nd angle really shows how well the other pit teams reacted. +1 IRL pits.
  6. im extremely impressed with how the pit crews came to his aid almost instantaneously.
  7. I seen this on tv, didn't seem to end up all that bad.
  8. +1 for the other teams rushing to Kanaan's aid. Been a crazy week and a half in motorsports. Hope all this bad luck worldwide passes with no more incidents.
  9. no kidding
    most pitfires that have happened in the last year where usually gone in 10 seconds or so

    remember the stop from Luc Alphand 2 years ago at Monza, that was over before most people realised

    but the way Kanaan was moving around you figured he was in a lot of pain & stuck in the car
    but then he said he had his eyes closed the whole time & was holding his breath i start to understand why he moved like that
  10. stupid nascar idiot probably deserved it

  11. Burning alive must be a racer's worst nightmare.

  12. As a driver, you do not think of those things.

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