Top 20 best selling cars in Sweden 2017

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  1. So here's the list of the top 20 cars swedes bought this year.

    1. Volvo XC60
    2. Volvo S/V90N
    3. VW Golf
    4. VW Passat
    5. Volvo S/V60
    6. Volvo V40N
    7. VW Tiguan
    8. BMW 5-series
    9. Toyota Auris
    10. Kia Cee’d
    11. Skoda Octavia
    12. Mercedes E-class
    13. Nissan Qashqai
    14. Toyota Yaris
    15. Fiat Ducato
    16. Skoda Fabia
    17. VW Polo
    18. BMW 3-series
    19. Audi A6
    20. Renault Clio
  2. That's like 90% premium cars. Hope they last well into the economycalypse.
  3. Hah, There are some premium cars on teh list but not 90%.
  4. Well, at least 50%.
    Here it's probably Kia Picanto in the lead and then a bunch of crossovers. But 2017 isn't over yet so there are no official statistics.
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  5. no american cars?

  6. Nope, over here most people dont like american cars.
  7. I want a 4wd Golf.
  8. Norway:
    1. VW Golf
    2. BMW i3
    3. Toyota Rav4
    4. VW Passat
    5. Toyota Yaris
    6. Mitsubishi Outlander
    7. Toyota C-HR
    8. Nissan Leaf
    9. Tesla Model X
    10. Skoda Octavia
    11. Toyota Auris
    12. Volvo V90
    13. Tesla Model S
    14. Mercedes GLC
    15. VW Tiguan
    16. BMW 2-serie
    17. Hyundai Ioniq
    18. Peugeot 3008
    19. Renault Zoe
    20. Audi A3
    The cars in bold are the only cars on the list not available with hybrid and/or electric drivetrain.

    2017-model Golfs available on the most popular classifieds-site:
    Diesel: 7
    Petrol: 36
    Hybrid (GTE): 44
    Electric (e-Golf): 74
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  9. in 10 years it will be:

    1. Mercedes 190e
    2. BMW 3 e36
    3. VW Golf 4
    4. Audi RS4
  10. Sweden has a good minority who keep older American cars running.

    Have to admit that list is very patriotic. And tells a bit about low tax on cars.
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  11. I love this video where the guy is walking down a street in Oslo and basically every car in sight is electric or hybrid:

    Scandinavians are the master race. While the rest of the world is still arguing if global warming is real or not, these guys are at the next level.
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  12. thumnail looks like my good friend serge bakkkerr
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    Perhaps the energy sector in Norway has something to do with their policies regarding electric cars. Norway has more installed hydropower capacity than what the country can consume, although their electricity consumption is very high per capita, 3x the EU average and twice the US consumption per capita.

    Here's a pie chart from 2011:


    Most of the hydroelectric plants in Norway are quite old and were mostly funded by government money ages ago. Which means that the electric companies in Norway have access to 31GW of electricity from reliable and regulatable carbon-neutral sources at minimal cost.

    Hydropower output in Norway is only expected to increase in the coming years due to increasing rainfall thanks to the climate change, and when new technologies make untapped resources commercially viable. Straits and fjords in Norway have some of the strongest tidal currents on Earth, and the North Sea isn't famous for its pleasant and mild weather (offshore wind energy and wave power). Yearly rainfall in Norway is the single most important factor determining electricity prices in the Nord Pool-area (Nordics-Iceland+Estonia and Lithuania), and even affects the prices in Germany and the Netherlands.

    In this kind of environment it makes a lot of sense to instruct the public to heat their apartments and water with electricity, and to drive electric automobiles. The same applies to industry. The oil they can just sell to Saudis or whatever.

    In a country such as Finland where there's no practically unlimited source of free energy, where we need to juggle with hydro, imported electricity, wind, solar, nuclear, fossil fuels and biofuels from various sources, it's much more difficult to come up with solutions that make sense environmentally, financially and politically. Example: investments in biofuel plants just became a lot less viable because of the new way EU calculates carbon emissions and forests as carbon sinks. Forest biomass has been steadily growing in this country since 1977 and is still growing but that doesn't seem to matter in politics.
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  14. So I was: Let's make him post again.
  15. Sweden;

  16. Israel:
    1. Kia Picanto
    2. Kia Sportage
    3. Hyundai Tuscon
    4. Toyota Corolla
    5. Skoda Octavia
    6. Hyundai Ionic
    7. Mitsubishi Outlander
    8. Hyundai i10
    9. Mazda 3
    10. Renault Clio

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