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  1. This is the fastest car in the world.

    top gear tested it against a murcielago in a drag and it "destroyed" it. (in a drag up 2 160mph)

    it also won the top gear track record. against every fastcar known 2 man, including some wierd ultra fast track day jobs.

    and on the Gumball 3000 this year someone hs video footage of them going 242mph on the road!

    Even Clarkson says that this car IS fastest than a McLaren F1.
    its "lighter, more agile and more powerful."

    what a car.

    imo it also looks exactly how a supercar should.
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    i believe it 100%
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    um u must be talkin about the zonda...cause that is the car the murcielago drag raced against in the top gear eposide...the koenigsegg was the car that lost to the zonda by 1/10th of a second in that could u confuse the zonda with a koenigsegg?
    what the guy did was take the koenigsegg on a top speed run on the runway...which his best time managed wit the zonda was 170mph...and with the koenigsegg was 174mph...the zonda won on the track but not in a straight line
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    In the new TopGear DVD Jeremy Clarkson said that:The Koenigsegg is my new favourite supercar!

    - The Koenigsegg is my new favourite supercar!
    - This is what the game is all about
    - I am going faster around the track than in any other car and it is just gripping, gripping and gripping!
    - The steering is light and precise, clutch is easy, the gearbox is easy.
    - It's just getting better and better!

    btw is it anyone that has seen the Gumball 3000 -2003 film on the cinema, i liv in sweden so i could't go and see it in london ???

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