Top Gear's 100 sexiest cars in the world

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  1. Who ever write this , is complete retard , no TVR's , no Dodge Viper , no Shelby GT500 and many cars on the wrong places , I would give the 1st to the Ford GT instead of the FIAT
  2. It's idiocy.
  3. Maybe they're not ranked in order? Maybe it's just the top 100 cars, in any order. But still, it's shit.
  4. I agree with number 1
  6. 95: Pagani Zonda F

  7. Ditto.
  8. Two things. One, never quote the first post. Two, stay banned.
  9. no TVR and no Audi RS4......... crack heads for sure
  10. In my opinion Ferrari F40 should be in the top ten.
  11. 9: Rolls Royce Phantom

    As much as I love the Phantom, it shouldn't be anywhere near the top ten.

    18: Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

    The F430 Spider should be ahead of this.
  12. Im actually quite surprised that Batmobile hasnt been listed...

    EVO had in its 50th issue a list of 50 sexiest cars which was quite reasonable in its order. Top ten cars of various designers were listed too.
  13. Ford Capri?

    I know lots of 5.0 hos, but I don't think that qualifies
  14. Wheres the F50?
  15. Top lists are all wrong wrong wrong. Not even God would get one right if He ever do one.
  16. 1/3 of the all the list are Italian cars <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  17. Citroen C6 .. haha .
  18. Who did this list? I see the Top Gear series and I think that Clarkson would not agreed with this list.
  19. Got to no 2 (although no 1 didnt seem all too right anyway) and just laughed. What a joke. Not reading the rest.
  20. 10: Sally Carrera (From the movie "Cars")


    Good lord, the author of that list probably wanked off during the movie.

  21. 3 years ago TopGear magazine edited the "100 Coolest Cars in The World"
    And the list was completed different.
    What's the dfference between "sexiest" and "coolest"??????
  22. Ford GT.

  23. Coolest might take into account performance, whereas this is purely based on looks? All I know is I wish I had the actual mag so I could piss on it... Then let it dry, then light it on fire. Then piss on the ashes. Such a retarded list.
  24. Thank you and I agree: this is a lame list.
  25. The adjective, for starters.

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