Top Secret’s Nardo Challenge

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  1. During the last Tokyo Auto Salon Top Secret announced that they will try to break the 400km/h (248mp/h) on the Nardo Circuit in Italy. The circuit is 12,6km long and is build as a oval with a 22% curvature.

    Top Secret will attempt this with their V12 Supra. On the pictures you can see the new livery of the car. It is being said that Smokey already got to a top speed of 200mp/h without any problem. So it looks promising, I’m sure they will succeed in this endeavour.

    Looking forward to the results and offcourse the video’s
  2. Good lord thats a monster
  3. No road legal car has ever done Nardo at >400km/h, right?
  4. What V12 is it?
  5. not that I know about. Koenigseggs did it almost though
  6. and that supra is so ruined at the front<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. It's a twin turbo from a Toyota Crown/Royal? or something to that extent.
  8. It is being said that Smokey already got to a top speed of 200mp/h without any problem. So it looks promising...

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    two quite a different things to run to 320km/h and 400... this plus the curvature...
  9. Gonna be something to see if they manage to do it.
  10. V12 is from TOYOTA Century
  11. #$%# same difference. At least I know what I;m on about
  12. Anyone know where did the Dauer 962LM do its (I'm guessing certified) 404.6 kph/251.4 mph run???
  13. On the street of Ms. Axels house.

    Mr. Axel was just road testing the car, decided to do a high speed run on the small residential street, hit 404 and got super horny at the speed. Quickly he pulled over, rushed into a house had just so happened to belong to a Ms. Axel who was just going doing some laundry when her ex-boyfriend christian von koenigsegg pushed her down a well. Luckily, her dog, we'll call it Tassie, saw all this and went for help. At that exact moment, Mr. Axel knocked the door down and went inside. Upon entering the house, he saw Tassie and it started biting his pant leg and started to pull him out into the back yard where he saw Ms. Axel laying at the bottom of the well screaming. Mr. Axel then yelled down to her "It rubs the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again" and threw a bottle of lotion down at her. She caught the bottle and read the label "KY Jelly". She looked at him, gave him a sly little smile and started to undress herself and rub the lotion all over her body. Empowered by the high inputs of horny, Mr. Axel jumped down the well himself, gave Ms. Axel a big kiss and cupped on of her supple breasts. He then threw he over his shoulder and vertically climbed the rock walls of the well back to the top. As he looked over the edge, he realized he was looking down the barrel of a gun and into the face of christian von koenigsegg. He smiled, winked and pressed a button on his watch. The Dauer parked in the street suddenly roared to life and drove itself to the back yard and repeatedly ran over christian von koenigsegg. Mr. Axel looked down at the corpse and said pffft "Koeningscrap" and then ripped open Ms. Axels dress where her beautiful tender breasts bursted open and they started making animal love right then, right there, right next to the car and corpse. 8-9 months later, young Axel was born. The moral of the story is, "A penny saved, is a penny earned".

    The End.
  14. uh, wow^^
  15. V12 is from two 2JZGTEs welded together.
  16. and the V12 is called 1GZ-FE
  17. Toyota Century got V12 engine and crown Royal just got V6 engine
  18. LOL! You forgot the part where "young" Axel asked whose corpse that was. Thats when Mr. Axel said it was just a flesh on bricks.
  19. end to end. this engine is an inline 12. or maybe it was three 3sgte's, i dont recall.
  20. So did she undress herself, or did he rip her dress off? if you cant keep the story consistent, nobody will believe that this actually happened.
  21. To my knowledge they ran the engine on standard internals for a while? making about 600hp or sumthin and did 320 on that setup? Now they have rebuilt the V12 to produce ~900hp? so mite b able to hit that target speed! Just read that somewhere would be primo if they did acheive it! Still reckon the gt300 supra is smokeys best work. That did 300ish on a 3m wide, soaked, bumpy as f*ck bit of NZ backroad back in 2000.
  22. LMFAO.
  23. When exactly do they plan on doing this again?
  24. Volkswagen test track Ehra-Lession, same track the McLaren F1 before and the Bugatti 167/4 Veyron later have achieved their speed records
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    Some spec.
    Top Secret V12 Supra
    1GZ-FE(V12 4996cc modified)
    GT2835 Turbo x 2
    Nos x 2
    Power: 943ps/6800rpm (Boost: 1.3kg/cm2)
    torque: 102.3kg-m/6300rpm


    p.s. May I asked whether Veryon had challenged Nardo or not???

    p.p.s. Smokey Nagata is the name of the chairman of Top Secret

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