Top Secret: 2013 Porsche Speedster

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. according to Autozeitung, Porsche may come up with a new and lighter entry level model to succeed the 356 Speedster.

    based on the platform of the VW Scirocco respectively Eco roadster it also might be powered by the Scirocco 4-cylinder 2.0-litres compressor engine with 160 bhp or the Audi TTS 4-cylinder turbo engine with 272 bhp
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  4. Won't happen. VAG wants people to first buy the VW Speedster, and then 'advance' to the Porsche brand.
  6. Better not be FWD
  7. i really like the looks of that, even though it's just a render.
  10. Pretty much, but the same platform will underpin the VW (if there is a VW version) the Audi R3/R4, and the next generation Cayman.

    differences will be marked by available options and engines. Audi/VW version(s) will share 4 and 6 cylinders, audi getting the most powerful of these (and perhaps quattro, perhaps not), and porsche will have flat 6s and all lightweight version.

    just my guess though.
  11. There will be no Audi R3/R4. There will be an Audi RS3 though, with the TT-RS engine. VW and Porsche platform sharing might happen, with VW having 4 cilinders and Porsche flat 6'es
  13. then there will be no porsche speedster.
  14. Way to put the nail in the coffin of this car for me.
  15. Which means this car sucks.
  16. Hot render
  17. down with the syndrome
  18. hmmm. Maybe if it's mid or rear engined, RWD, and weighs less than 2,200lbs I will approve.
  19. too fake but im liking the engine
  20. it wont happen........vw will just built that bluesport thing

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