Top Speed is 208Mph

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  1. I have a issue of Road and Track and they took the murcielago up to a top speed run of 208Mph.
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    Top Speed is 208Mph

    Hello Mafalda,

    Do you have the Quattroruote test of Murcielago? Thank you.
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    well the Australia every-day News paper has an add for the shop the sells this car...and it say that this car can do 350Kph...but i don't think it can...?
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    I think it can, if you look at the HP's and the terrific aero,
    but Lamborghine says a top of 330kph+ so it is possible.
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    Do you know if it's going to be a LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO SV version
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    but who's gonna need that much speed any way...?
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    Quattroruote 09/2002
    Lamborghini Murciélago

    Top Speed: 327.95 Kph – 203.78 Mph @ 7450 Rpm
    0-60 Kmh 2.1s
    0-100 3.9s - (62.14 Mph)
    0-120 5.1s
    0-140 6.4s
    0-160 8.2s – (app. 100 Mph)
    0-180 10.1s
    0-200 12.4s
    0-220 15.1s
    0-240 18.4s – (app. 150 Mph)
    0-250 20.5s
    0-400 m 12.0s @ 196.5 Kph (app. 1/4 mile @ 122.1 Mph)
    0-1Km 21.5s @ 254 Kph

    6th gear
    70-100 Kph 5.1s
    70-120 8.3s
    70-160 14.9s
    70-200 21.5s

    100-0 Kph 37.1m
    160-0 95.1m
    200-0 148.5m (1.06g, similar to Diablo GT, Diablo VT Roadster 530 Hp and Ferrari F40, worse than F50 and Zonda C12-S 7.3l)

    Weight 1880 Kg - 4136 lb, kerb weight with driver and correvit

    Circuit of Vairano, Italy
    Murciélago’s best lap 1’21”31*
    GT2 1’18”99
    996 Turbo 1’20’80
    360 modena F1 1’21’49

    Steering pad*
    Murciélago 1.12g
    GT2 1.14g
    Modena 1.13g
    996 Turbo 1.09g
    *obviously weather and track conditions are not ever the same!!

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    YEAH THIS IS TRUE, BUT(ooops caps) it is numbers like that that will help sell the car. i mean, thats what they are supposed to do.

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    Thanks a lot!!
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    it lives, it will live, and eventuly it will die like every thing in life
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    208 hmmmmmmmmm, thats HIGH
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    Was this with the side scoops down or up? was it with the soiler up or down?
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    i think scoops and spoiler adjust automatically in Murcielago, correct me if i'm wrong
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    hey bluey i found the no doubt about it its top speed is 267.7
    cool huh.its called the "dodge apex lethal 999 it has a five second sound penalty.
    so if it passes you at full speed you wont be able to here it till 5 seconds later
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    what would you all say if i know a car that can blow your tops off just by speed .
    rate this message
    and ill tell you

    its worth it if you realy want to know
    and your realy car crazy.
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    Your an idiot, I hope you do know that your Viper 800TT goes faster in a straight line then this, once again, you didnt think before you post.

    Another thing, its not only citizens that buy this car, you also have to think about all the tunning companies that might buy it
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    That driver must have really sucked because those lap times are HORRIBLE.the murcielago will run faster than a pagani Zonda C-12s 7.3.
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    good top speed but the car is simply to heavy giving it a high 3 second 0-60 time (enzo, s7, f1 are in the low 3 second)
    frankly im disappointed with the murcielago considering it is the best lambo yet
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    I have one question for you. Where will you be driving 208 mph in a $230,000 dollar vehicle?

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