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    this is a super nice car and if i ever win the lottery i will be sure to look into buying one
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    somebody loves GM a little too much.
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    Bugatti Veyron 16/4

    Volkswagen has formally announced the production version of the long-awaited Bugatti Veyron at Monte Carlo in June 2003. Staying true to the concept that was displayed at the 2002 Geneva Auto Show, with small changes such as air outlets behind the front wheels and slightly redesigned headlights. Expected to be very pricey indeed, the Veyron marks the truimphant return of Bugatti under the leadership of the Volkswagen Group.

    Little has been spared in the way of interior luxuries, such as a full leather cockpit for two people, and other basic amenities missing in the McLaren. But it detracts from the original mission of the Bugatti - to be the fastest car in the world, no matter what.

    The production Veyron retains the record-breaking 1001 DIN hp (987 SAE hp) output from its 8.0L quad-turbo W16, with 922 lb-ft of torque, but it narrowly missed its weight target of 3410 lbs, weighing in at 3520 lbs. With a power-to-weight ratio much better than a McLaren F1, performance claims of 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, 0-186 mph in 14 seconds and top speed of more than 250 mph seem believable, making it the new fastest production car in the world for the 21st century. Sure, there are are numerous tuner Skylines and Corvettes out there that can go just as fast, but they are haphazard individual jobs.

    Other notable new entries would be the Porsche Carrera GT and Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, but they are not expected to even top the McLaren F1 in performance. The resurgent Bugatti brand raises the exotic car game to a whole new level.

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    Alright, i had to abtain an account just to set the record straight, so here it goes.

    Although "Atomic"'s heart was in the right place, he was sorely lacking in both proof and argument. DodgeMS-4, being rightly skeptical and ample in argument, relies mostly on concept/preproduction information. The theoretical topspeed of OVER 252Mph
    will likely never be reached becuase of a deficiency in control. Both a perfectly smooth surface and situation specific engineering are needed to propel any human occupied, landborne object anywhere near 250Mph. Which is precisely why the McClaren F1 was never pushed to the absolute maximum of its drivetrain performance, it become suicidally unstable at the top end(This is also why this car must be set into a different driving mode to achieve the governed top speed). The nature of this post is to prove to "Dodge" that the 16.4 has routinely achieved speeds in excess of 180,190 and 200Mph (All limits he has set in this and other related threads).,,12529-1890873,00.html (one of the worlds most respected car reveiwers) (Major news network that ALWAYS double checks its facts) la-et-bugatti10dec10,0,4346406.story?coll=la-class-autos-highway1 *This one actually leads you the specific figures for the record setting run at Wolfsburg(if you speak german) in which the car reached 248.5Mph, since you seemingly discredit Csaba Cserse's competeley legitimate run at Ehra-Liessen, in which he reached 253Mph

    'Nuff said
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    "DodgeMS-4, being rightly skeptical and ample in argument, relies mostly on concept/preproduction information."

    Actually I rely on any information which proves something, I never once stated it had to be for the concept, pre-production or current ptorotypes of the 16/4 veyron. Since you made an account with the #1 priority of posting on this forum im going to assume that you read every post from the begining of this topic to the end. Therefore since you would have to read this entire thread including every comment, you more then likely understood my point of view and the points I was making, you may have also seen any of the numerous times I have asked for the people on this forum to provide the information of the 16/4 veyron going faster then the Dauer's topspeed of 251.25, in some cases I also stated that if and when said proof is provided here (when I said proof I meant 1 of 2 things. 1. A movie showing the spedometer of the veyron as well as other angles of the veyron from a starting position of 0mph up to its estimated topspeed of fster then 250mph. 2. A movie of showing the 16/4 being tested, in which would have to show the attendants at the tect track where the dauer and mclaren were tested recording the time, also would have to show the printout at the end of the run which states the topspeed of the 16/4 signed by the attendants who recorded the topspeed, during this topspeed run which has never happened their would have to be a camera on various points inside the veyron 16/4 ESPECIALLY on the dash gauges.) I will go back to every thread which I made fun of the 16/4 for being a cheap expensive piece of crap and I will delete what I have typed. Amazingly though after I have said this many, many times, not only did NOONE ON THIS FORUM PROVIDE ANY PROOF, but they chose to verbally attack and attempt to ridicule me, specifically because their is no concrete proof of the 16/4 ever beating the Dauer's time, their never has been and their never will be, the only explanation here for this "estimated" topspeed which everyone seems to know about but CANNOT provide any proof of it happening, is that a fanboy on this site with his many hours of free time was so bored he chose to make something up so he could get attention.

    People listen up if you are going to attempt to make a point and try and prove someone wrong then you should PROVIDE LEGIBLE PROOF (ie. proof meaning more then just an article you found on the internet which states the topspeed, which incidentally is the topspeed that bugatti paid the magazine or editor of the article to say) being that many of you on this forum not only DID NOT provide proof of the 16/4 reaching a topspeed faster then that of the Dauer 962 LM's topspeed (251.25mph) instead you chose to completely disregard and in most cases not even attempt to respond when I asked for you to provide this proof, you then decided that the best course of action would be to change the subject and verbally attack me in hopes that my iq level would be the same as your's and I wouldn't be bright enough to see past your petty attempts to change the subject. All you have suceeded in doing is lowering yourselves. When you feel the need to grow up and stop acting like fanboys who beleive in magical things but cannot provide proof, then I will treat you like adults, until then I will continue to treat you all like little kids who have no idea wtf you are talking about, cant provide any proof of this ever happening, and who's parents let you stay on their computer's way too long.

    Anyways back to your response Schwartzengruber, I checked each of the links which you provided above, and in no way did any of them provide the proof I spoke of above, the articles which you posted that did talk about the 16/4 showed no proof at all of the topspeed ever happening, they simply wrote a number which Bugatti paid them to write. I thank you for trying to find the magical topspeed of the 16/4 veyron and prove me wrong, however you didn't do so.
  6. my estimation on the top speed of this car is about 370-385 km/h
  7. You're about 14mph too slow there.
  8. Show a proof that the Dauer reached 251 mph first, smartass.
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  10. UM.......Well where's your proof IT DID NOT make its Top Speed.

    Oh for the record the '04 or '05 Koenigsegg CCR according to GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ( Guinness Book of World Records), Autocar, Fast Autos Magazine, and the German Traffic Officials aka TUV (not quite sure what the acronym stands for) all have stated, that the CCR recorded a 242.08mph Top Speed, then in '05 Bugatti took with there then per-production Veyron that recorded a 252.95mph Top Speed, both the Veyron and the CCR did it at Volkswagen's test track called Ehra Lessen VAG. When TUV is involved normally ANY video footage ISN'T ALLOWED TO BE RELEASED at all!! But anyway, then in 2007 a little known company called...SSC took there Ultimate Aero TT around a temporarily-closed 2-lane public highway in Washington State, oh....yeah....Guinness World Records was in attendance the Aero TT recorded on its first run a 257.11mph (413.83kph) and on its second run a 254.55mph (409.71kph) Top Speeds, which averaged out to be 255.83mph (411.76kph).

    So, what DO YOU have to say about that, A.D.B.M?!?! Now lets hope these Top Speeds I've just posted won't get blasted from the likes of YOU, who CLAIM THESE ARE "INVISIBLE" Top Speeds. That's like saying Jenna Jameson, Crissy Moran and Alisha King have NEVER EXISTED in REAL LIFE, as Pornstars. Since this revolves around cars, its like saying the McLaren F1, the Ferrari Enzo and the 1939 Daimler-Benz T80 Top Speeds are "INVISIBLE" as well. Now as someone on these forums once said basically, America has its V8s and V10s, Europe has its V12s and W8s, W12s, W16s and W18s (which 2 exist only in the 18/3 Chiron and 18/4 Veyron Concepts...Oh...BTW...Are both from...Who else...But...Bugatti's very own concept vehicles!) Oh...Yeah the 1939 Daimler-Benz's Top Speed is a TUV verified 393.71mph (THAT'S ON BICYCLE WIDTH TIRES!!!) So, maybe JUST maybe, YOU SHOULD read and brush up on history and anything that's informative on vehicles, such as; Magazines, the Internet like search engines (i.e Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia or car sites like this one.)

    Oh...Yeah...FYI...did you know that when Adolf Hitler was in power of Germany (Germany's GREATEST and DARKEST of there past) he had Daimler-Benz construct the country's and the worlds first TRUE, "FASTEST PRODUCTION VEHICLE IN THE WORLD" was the 1939 T80 and of course that's 3 years after WWII had started. Lastly, don't be afraid of picking up a copy of GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS as well. Its amazing since 1994 every supercar has been jostling over the crown of, "Fastest Production Vehicle in the World" and yet, still nothing has yet to eclipse the T80s Top Speed.

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