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  1. Nice at low speeds but the top speed sucks, stock I-4s could out run this thing in the long run. I have read about Lightnings w/ the governor popped running 160 mph easy. I know this is a V6 and all but still I guess the gearing is set for low stuff. <!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, just limited by the chip probably. Or that's the publicity numbers and the actuals are through the roof. I always loved these, too bad they didn't make that many.<!-- Signature -->
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    Chip governed. At 124mph the fuel pump automatically shuts off. Easy fix, though, for a few hundred bucks you can buy an STG Ultimate Chip and 3Bar MAP Sensor and not only blow by the 124 mph mark but force more than the stock 14.7 psi too.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah drag plays into the factor.<!-- Signature -->
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    And how often do you drive at top speed? "Nice at low speeds", where most people need power for daily driving, says it all. This truck was a demon in its day, and could still give many of todays "sports cars" a run, if not a beating.
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    The AWD creates a log of parasitic drag, the turbo runs out of steam, and aerodynamics are like a brick.

    The truck specializes in street light Olympics.


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    I got 130mph out of my syclone at the track and never shifted into 4th so maybe it could do 170mph, and I really have a hard tim believing a stock lightning went 160mph, no way. Also, you said they run 160 mph easy, nothing runs 160 mph easy unless you got a lot of room, especially in a 4000lb brick truck, give me a break, when is the last time a new vette owner had there car up to 170mph?

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