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  1. Has anyone an idea? Power and cw would allow for top speeds exceeding 400 km/h, I think.
  2. I wouldn't doubt it...

    I just don't think it looks so stunning...
  3. Well, form follows function. But I agree, the McLaren F1 and most jet fighters which have been designed following the same principles do look much better.
  4. I love how the tach gets top billing, while the speedo and other unimportant gauges get shunted off to the side like a cup holder.
  5. It's been wind tunnel tested up to 273mph. On their website they say they're going to europe to do an official top speed run and they will shoot for the 270mph barrier.
  6. Keeping the problems in mind VW had to master to build a 400 kmh car, that is customerfriendly the same time, SSC may be able to achieve that goal but not with a car in the configuration it will be delivered to the customers. The Veyron will remain the only car to be able to do that. That's why it's so expensive to build and that's why small companies can't build such cars. Which is not important for the customer since those speeds are theoretical figures, an acceleration under 3 sec is much more important.
  7. What makes you say that? The Bugatti isn't the only car that's going to be able to do anything. The Aero is more aero-dynamic and more powerful. you do the math.
  8. Funny that the Veyron needs a W16, and 4 turbos to reach the 1000HP barrier but the SSC can do it with a V8 and a supercharger.
  9. Funny that the Veyron needs a W16, and 4 turbos to reach the 1000HP barrier but the SSC can do it with a V8 and a supercharger.
  10. Actually the ultimate aero is twin turbocharged. But the point still stands. The aero is also down 1.8L of displacement compared to the Veyron too.
  11. 270 mph is what SSC are going to attempt. Then the price goes up.
  12. A remarkable machine. I wonder though how would the big V8 with those huge turbochargers act
  13. A remarkable machine. The engine propably has easy characteristics. Its displacement is large enough that it shouldn't suffer from turbolag as bugatti eb 110 for example because there's plenty of torque available on low rpm anyway due to the size of the engine.

    I hope that SSC have done some good work with the rest of the engine too. One can get nice figures on a paper of some rumbly old V8 simply by turbocharging it but the engine would have terrible characteristics. The interiour lacks some style but otherwise it looks great.
    Good work, SSC.
  14. Have you heard of the Veyron projects problems? Everyone with the same goals will face the same problems. I'm not talking about max speed but user friendliness and everday usability. Solving them costs a lot of money. It raised the Veyron's costs to five million euros per unit. Do you think SSC has the money to finance such a project?
  15. the vayron costs a lot to build, and it was maybe the most expencive car to develope. and they made all the engine-parts themselves, the gearbox as well... thats why its so expencive!!! and its so heavy because of the 9 radiators in it, or 10 or what it was.... the SSC maybe doesnt have a such expencive engine, and maybe isnt as wellbuilt. but i believe in it, less weight, more aerodynamic, more horsepower at higher rpm. i think it can make it to the 270 mp/h barrier, and even further if they puch it harder!!! yes, the interior was a disappointness. but who cares? its so mych nicer on the outside than the veyron anyway.... period...
  16. sorry, i ment "dissapointment"!!! but im from sweden you know...
  17. The CD is almost .37 which is much higher than a CCX which is .29. This might be able to do 270. People often forget that you need a certain amount of HP to get a certain top speed with a certain CD. And it has to be geared correctly too.
  18. Good point, engine development will have caused most of the costs. But I still believe that most supercars never have tried to beat official speed records for very good reasons. Just ask Koenigsegg, they finally made it after mastering many problems.
  19. interesting question. if it could fit a guy weighing 300lbs, and he wanted to go as fast as possible, that should give you an idea of what the car is capable of
  20. just a quick reminder that numbers are good and all, but the veyron took what 5yrs for R&D. Oh great they wind tunnel tested it thats nice. There are plenty of other cars with more power that have not been able to get 270mph
  21. And then there's more funding for SSC to improve quality/fit and finish, and/or design a new/not ripped off car? I see no problem, I'm sure the #$%#er goes quite fast, no matter what it looks like, and how bad the fit and finsih is (which has improved quite a lot from the start), so if people buy them, good for SSC. It's nice to see companies like these succeed.
  22. Neglecting differences rolling friction/driveline losses/gearing/whatever, it should take ~127.5% more power to acheive the same speeds as the CCX.
  23. Weight doesn't effect top speed, only acceleration.
  24. EXACTLY!

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