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  2. He's got 30 days to appeal and get a stay of sentence. He'll be fine. Nothing hurts ol' Rob Ford. He's more slick than Clinton.
  3. This was my thoughts when I read it. The douche will probably walk (waddle?) away from this no sweat.
  4. At least he's running the city properly! Who cares about tax payer money
  5. Even if the dismissal holds, he'll get voted right back in next election. Nobody in Toronto wants more greenpeace mayors trying to build more street-cars.
  6. except the 40% ish that do.
  7. Not even, most of them vote against Ford because they hate him, not because they want more street-cars.
  8. Most Quebecois Post, 2012
  9. Man our mayors and most of our municipalities money are a shame.

    We had shitty healthcare, now ad corrupted city officials.
  10. should have taken lessons from london's mayor...

  11. what
    all I want is more streetcars
  12. I think the problem is you're getting to have more sprawl/buRb losers whove neer been in the city who vote and the stuff that actually matters like public transi and stuff gets #$%#ed over. Oh and if you read the non sun newspaper, youll notice high school football is more important than running the city. Wheelman is right though. Ford is basically the embodiment of the average mouthbreathing GTA resident. Turd dran0 people who hate walking/students/culture. People who go downtown and complain about "parking", who don't know the subway and has never used the gotrain. I think Vaughan mississauga Brampton markham will buy Toronto level it and build a smart centre.
  13. ugh cagers lol
    I'll move to montreal

    and yeah, heard about his high school football coaching escapades
    shit's ridiculous
  14. I just think its funny how much he looks like goldfinger from James Bond
  15. It angers me that they try to oust a man for petty change when all he tried to do was help his football team.

    All over Toronto you could see headlines saying things like "FORD TO NOT ATTEND COURT/MEETING/COUNCIL, AT A FOOTBALL GAME INSTEAD".

    Ford coaches in Rexdale, a rough part of Toronto. Some of those kids are choosing football over criminal activity. And the left loves to take jabs at him for donating his time whenever they can.

    We have to strong arm the teachers to participate in extracurrical activities, but then idiots in my city shit on the mayor for doing it out of his own good will and interest.
  16. football is kind of a right wing sport
  17. Some guy from Uganda that worked in my lab set up a registered charity called "Think Tank Africa"

    then he would do these little business ventures, like running a urban music club night for students, sightseeing trips around Devon for international students, selling counterfeit diesel jeans from china at the student market to name a few.

    The money he made was transferred into the charity bank account for a set period of time and then transferred to his normal bank account so that he would pay no tax.

    When I questioned him on it he just laughed and said "eeyyyyy, da tax is RABBISH! I don't want to pay no tax!" lol

    I remember posting a while back that I don't work with any idiots. Turns out I jinxed that one.
  18. well he's got the wrong job then. I feel sort of the same way, but at the same time its an excuse.

    And to say a couple games of football a week is keeping them out of crime is a bit of a stretch.. there are numerous high profile NFL players (and profesh athletes for that matter) who have become convicted criminals while playing.

    He's used city staff to help with the coaching - which if they volunteer, sure, no issue.

    He used the transit bosses personal phone # to phone in a bus escort for his football team "to get them the #$%# out of there" after they got into some huge brawl with the team they were playing.

    He also called the transit guy to complain about a tram driver who tried to explain that Ford couldn't block trams with his Escalade or something. (Ford was yelling and swearing at the guy for trying to explain the rules to him).

    ...caught driving while on cellphone




    Lets not even talk about Doug Ford, who has a personal spot on a radio show to broadcast to Toronto his attacks at the Ford brother's opponents.

    He's, as v8stangman would say, a baffoom, and his personal antics and blowhard/kneejerk politics get nothing done.

    Also, strongarming teachers? Yeah right. Teachers/parents/general volunteers are there.
  19. did he ask you to help him withdraw the $1,000,000 in his ugandan bank account for a small transaction fee?
  20. i wonder what after school programs they have to help young scrawny cyber punks from doing illegal crime things like hacking.
  21. Typical sub-urban response
  22. a guy like that works at a university? seems legit

    or is he one of the cleaning guys?
  23. *I want to change the world, I have ideas and thoughts!!*
    *sits back, lights a joint and wait*

  24. masters student
  25. Because Freemason

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