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  1. Man... This better not be the replacement of the Firebird.
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    its not...GM is not that crazy...Firebird will be back circa 2004-2005<!-- Signature -->
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    HA HA HA HA HA dont make me laugh the firebird and camaro arent supposed to return til 2010 at least... besides with the reliability of GMS cars i wouldnt be caught dead with one. Firebirds sucked and always will. The trans ams were nice when rocky was around. The 6.6 litre trans am was the shite i owned one before i saw the light and went ford. Man keep dreaming... camaros are gone. Ford has done its deed 35 years... for nothing SORRY GM<!-- Signature -->
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    Don't you find it rather odd that you've had to supe up all of your Rustangs, etc., just so that they could reach competition level? Do you really consider the shelby a ford? Shelby was great man who made great cars, but he didn't like what came in them stock. Just cause it looks like a mustang doesn't mean it has anything to do with Ford. Now, I'm not saying anything against Ford, that'd be wrong. That company has brought a lot of innovation and competition to the marketplace, especially with their pickups and SUVs. But I beg to differ with your opinion, CamaroEater, that your 5.Oh so Slow Mustang even compares with the Corvette. Do I need to remind you that all of the automotive magazines out there boast it as the only true super car of North America? Do I need to point out that the new Z06 does 0-60 in 3.7? I can go back further too... What about the ZR1? I doubt any production Mustang without $1000's of dollars of mods could even touch it. And since you brought up muscle cars, what about the 67 or 69 Corvette Stingray 427. Put some of the mods your shelby has into the vette and you'll top 600hp easy. So before you launch into some spiel about Ford's superiority again, check the facts. Ford has always been trying to keep up with the big kid down the block (GM).<!-- Signature -->
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    HAHA!! so true so true. I'm not much of a Ford fan either. Their cars all seem to be shit without modding them..
    Ok..the mustangs are not bad, sound pretty nice, but they feel top heavy...
    I prefer Vettes and Trans Am. They have the kick ass performance stock..and can work very easily to crank more HPs!!

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    A Z28 and a TA performe the same "GOOD"!
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    Ive had my share of Ford. I detest ford, has any other company had to recall so many cars because people were dying? I think Ill stick with GM and Chrysler, especially since the new Dodge Trucks have a 7 year 100,000 mile warrenty. Does ford have warrenties like that? no, because they fall apart.
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    2004-05 that would be cool.<!-- Signature -->
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    I hope you're right<!-- Signature -->
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    HAHAHA, camaroeater is a retard. the f-bodies are to be back as mentioned above, 2004-5. not 2010, that's a little too far to predict. crappy ford bronco 460 puts out 430 horses. a chevy 350 puts out 390, notice the in. to hp ratio??? the only light u saw was the tail lights of all the camaros and birds that ran you over.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree, Corvettes and Trans Ams are the shit! I'm planning to get myself a 79' Trans Am with the 403 engine in it! That car is hard!
    -_-''''........But for the moment I have make due with this CRAPPY Bronco.........sigh............<!-- Signature -->

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