Tuner Grand Prix 2008, May 10th

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    Tuner Grand Prix 2008
    takes place on May 10th
    on the Hockenheim Circuit.

    Tune in to an extraordinary racing event. Observe the pursuit of the fastest lap at the 16th sport auto Tuner Grand Prix with international Drift Challenge. Visit our Motor Sports Team in the pit lane and move closer to TECHART racing and sports cars.

    Invited guests have additional the possibility to win a race taxi drive and see the track from a different point of view.

    The practice is planed on Friday, Saturday morning the different classes battle to win and in the afternoon the drift artists show their competence.

    >>> www.techart.de/events_2008/news_tuner_grand_prix_2008_e.htm
  2. mtm is taking part with the

    * R8 Supercharged
    * S5 GT Supercharged
    * RS4 Clubsport K540
    * A5 Clubsport 3.0 TDI
    * S3 Clubsport
  3. nice event for sure
  4. TECHART wins sport auto Tuner Grand Prix 2008 > Post Reply

    The sport auto Tuner Grand Prix in Hockenheim is the world�s biggest performance competition in the car tuning industry. With driver J�rg Hardt at the wheel, TECHART won the 2008 competition with its 700 PS / 515 kW TECHART GTstreet RS, produced in small series based on the Porsche GT2.

    With a lap time of 1.06,811 minutes for the short course of the Hockenheim circuit, the TECHART driver J�rg Hardt won the GT class . TECHART�s overall victory at the sport auto Tuner Grand Prix 2008 again demonstrated the company�s unique positioning on the car enhancement market.

    The specialists from Leonberg-H�fingen were able to draw on more than 20 years of experience when preparing the vehicle and modifying the Porsche vehicles from Zuffenhausen. In order to participate in the sport auto Tuner Grand Prix 2008, the black/white TECHART GTstreet RS was required to obtain certification to prove the vehicle�s road-worthiness. It was also required to meet the specific requirements set by editors of the sport auto magazine.

    In addition to its powerful TECHART biturbo engine, with an output of 700 hp / 515 kW at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 860 Nm at 4,500 revs, the height-adjustable sports suspension and tires were crucial to securing success in this competition.

    The TECHART sports suspension was developed in combination with the TECHART engineers and with vehicle experts from Bilstein so as to be specially adapted to the short course at the Hockenheim circuit. J�rg Hardt, who is one of the most successful drivers in the Porsche Carrera Cup, was very enthusiastic about the vehicle: �The car was prepared to perfection�.

    In addition to its overall victory, TECHART Automobildesign also clocked up an additional success in the Cabrio category: J�rg Hardt drove the 580 PS / 441 kW TECHART GTstreet Cabriolet to success in the Cabriolet class with a lap time of 1:10,382 minutes.

    Given the tropical temperatures of the Whitsun weekend at the Hockenheim motodrome, it was crucial to use the perfect kind of tire. TECHART�s technology partner, Michelin, contributed its high performance tires Michelin Sport Cup Plus to it.
    The light single-component TECHART formula III light metal wheel rims, sized 8.5Jx20 at the front and 12Jx20 at the back, were fitted with Michelin tires in the size 245/30 ZR 20 for the front axle and 315/25 ZR 20 for the back.
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