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Discussion in '2001 BMW 745h Concept' started by SiR_Supra, Aug 9, 2002.

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    An update for RacePhreak, scientists have just discovered how to develop Spider Silk.

    I saw it on the News today. 01/17/02

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  2. Any ideas?

    A Vortec charger should work (assuming the catalyst will work with the extra flow.)
    But you need to change/modify the electric engine to have use of the extra kW you have produced.

    (Don't know if they will work, but what the heck..)<!-- Signature -->
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    new technology alright, but what happened to the power and speed???
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    I think that this car does have enough power considering the fact that its Bi-Fueled...and it's still transitional and not even close to be perfect...hopefully in near future we'll have more use of hydrogen ..
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    Its a step in the right direction. I guess they just havn't got Hydrogen to work as well as normal petrol yet. Give it time, im sure it will get to be good.
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    no shit but can it deliver I heard somewhere you can drink the emmisions!!
    P.S how the #$%# do you fill it up?
  7. What wrong with you people?

    This is not an ultra Preformance car this is infact a fule saving design not to blow by the Corvettes, Skylines, And Supras! but hell I'd love to see some of the mods that would come out for a hydrogen car, I mean some neo nazi terroris could turn one of these #$%#ers into like a Hydrogen Bomb on wheels!<!-- Signature -->
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    ya if this thing blew with a tank of hydorgen in the back, there goes the neighborhood! seriously<!-- Signature -->
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    to all of you who think liquid hydrogen is dumb cuz of it's supreme combustibility--you don't think they haven't thought that out??? Damn right it's transitional right now, and the emissions are pure water that YOU COULD DEFINITELY DRINK :D, but once they find out how to get it stabilized...jeez, we won't need oil for cars anymore. And when scientists can lab-create spider silk, that'll replace steel for the body and the fuel tank etc, i mean jeez--once both get done, that is your future car right there...cars made of spider silk that run on gas that only produces water. This IS the future...and bush is paying for drilling teams to get more oil from alaska, instead of funding research for hydrogen-powered automobiles. i say fight for this funding and spider silk...this IS our future people, and i say the sooner the better!<!-- Signature -->
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    what an amazing idea!!! way to go BMW!!! they have already started to set up the hydrogen fuel stations across europe, cant wait till 2010 when all of europeis hooked up, BMW is the pinnacle of motorcars right now!!!!

    pretty good performane for a car which puts out less emisions than a Honda Hybrid and a Toyota Prius!!!!!!!!!
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    Gotta agree with you there, this car is great and about my comment I was actually joking who actully takes a comment like that seriously although it could happen it's highly unlikely<!-- Signature -->
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    It is tru what they are saying.
    Does no one care about the enviorment (becouse there seems to the so much grudges about the car)?
    In 10-20 years there will only be these types of cars.
    They are seemly perfect, the ones with hydrogen catalyst and electric engine have constant torqe, no need for gearbox, no engine sound and no emissions..

    And this talk about them beeing boring, come on! .. these are concept cars, of corse theres going to be supercars in the future, its all about what the consumers want, and we want supercars!

    Can you imagine the streets in 20 years.. =)<!-- Signature -->
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    Hydrogen is just as flammable as RON98 fuel, or Premium Plus fuel which is the recommended stuff for high end luxury car engines. Right now in Germany, there are a few hydrogen fueling stations, which is the same thing as your gas station, but only pumping out hydrogen.

    One day, you'll be able to take some water, and fill your fuel tank up with it. However, that takes a LOT of energy, and we've yet to find a solution which is compact and quiet enough to break the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms apart.
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    i have seen one at a bimmer dealership it was sweet<!-- Signature -->
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    It's a great idea, but until it is recognized enough by our governments (this means if and when they can make a profit off of it), this will just be another word for deaf ears.

    The truth is that cars like this have been around for years, not only that but the technology required for its mass production is already existent, the thing is that certain countries will suffer a severe blow to their interests if these cars hit the market.

    C'mon do you think that having 50+ years NASA and other scientific as well as other organizations (national & international) haven't come up with alternate solutions to our fossil fuels?

    Get real people...

    The bottom line is that as long as they're is no profit, these type of cars (and other things that could use this energy source) will always have some sort of barrier to reach the market, and will only be considered as "concepts".

    PS: Ohhh and Henessey800, about you're comments on the risk involving hydrogen as a common fuel source: "ya if this thing blew with a tank of hydrogen in the back, there goes the neighborhood! seriously"...everything has its risks man...<!-- Signature -->
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    you can break them apart witha 9 volt battery, it produces gas slowly, but over time you can get something like 40 litres of hydrogen gas out of a cup of water

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    Tuning the new technology

    nice idea, gonna take a few years to sell the finished product
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    strange thing is, thanks to no electronic limit, this 100 some horsepower 7 is faster than 300+ hp old 750's.

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