Turbo SHO vs. CTS-V

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by gerbel01, Sep 19, 2004.

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  2. Lowered Vehicles Tend to Have Airbag Suspension.

    Which allows them to be extrememly low, or at normal ride height.

    Now all you idiots can stop talking about "bottoming out on a piece of paper."
  3. Just like it said at the end, I'd still rather have the Caddy.
  4. wrong thread.
  5. What a SHO off...
  6. WTF?

    It made my thread, but put the contents into this one.
  7. It did the exact same think to SkeE's thread in Misc...
  8. the SHO sounds and looks gay
  9. i beleive hes about to get a repaint.

  10. Caddillac.
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  12. Id taker the caddy. Damn SHO was modded anyway. But you gotta hand it to him. But yea the caddy is still much much better.
  13. I 'll take a CTS-V any day.
  14. modified? NOO WAYY!!!

    anyways, this thread wasnt meant to be a comparison, the vs. was for the video, not like actually asking.

  15. At what point was this a "What would you prefer" thread?
  16. At what point was it not?
  17. Mother of god...
  18. It was never a "Would you take a SHO over a CTS V" thread
  19. When Gerbel just posted the video for interest's sakes. Obviously, no one is going to take a 15 year old car over a new V8 sport sedan. It's just neat to see how fast the modified SHO is.
  20. thats a bad SHO!!!
  21. the point when i posted "taurus SHO vs CTSv" in the title, meaning exactly what it says, that the video is a "taurus SHO vs CTSv"

    im sure everyone in here would take a brand new RWD V8 6 speed sedan vs a 15 year old fwd v6 priced less than half as much when it was new.
  22. I'd rather have a Porsche 911 Turbo.
  23. id rather have a 300ZXT, the thought of forgetting what i drive haunts me.
  24. that was w/o his 100 shot as well.

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