TVR reborn.

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  1. You can't replace PASSION
  2. might as well drive a civic type r then
  3. I really don't care what engines they use, as long as TVRs are being made.
  4. come on they are not that unreliable
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    yah, but that's a racecar.
  6. From what I have read is that they are only marginally reliable if great care is taken and some very tight maintenance intervals are observed religiously and performed by a knowledgeable mechanic. They are very high strung engines made by a tiny company. Even then, do you think that even small replacement parts are going to be easy to find in 10 years?

    Compare that to the LS motors with a 100k mile warranty and the only real service, other than normal oil/filter changes every 5000 miles, is for the spark plugs to be changed after 100k miles.
  7. LS swap is so damn boring. Great engine, but not fitting of a car that is so unique, and everything about it stands out.

    There are other straight 6 engines you could swap in that are reliable and make plenty of power for such a light chassis

    Toyota 2jz/1jz super reliable, cheap, handles tons of power, lots of aftermarket support, also bolts up to one of the strongest stock transmissions in the world
    XR6 Turbo bonus, its 4liter like the original TVR, but with a turbo and sick torque, lots of aftermarket support, ive heard these are quite reliable
    S54 from e46 M3 lots of aftermarket, sounds great when modded, more expensive than the above two though

    i would rather have any of those than another LS... but regardles, im glad TVR's are being driven, no matter what they put in them.
  8. This is that compny that got fired by GM, no? And now their using its engine?
  9. #$%# off
  10. I think it would have to be a NA engine to fit the character of the car
  11. they dont make any of those engines any more
    you #$%#ing idiot

    chevy small blocks are gr8
    yeah theyre everywhere

    for good reason
  12. there will always be companies that make parts for obsolite engines. egge is one (based in North America make engine gaskets parts for alot of old/obsolite makes). someone will eventually make parts for the TVR engines (I'm sure someone already has). it will cost more but you can still keep it original.
  13. theyd make a lotta money cuz youd have to buy more new parts every 200 miles
  14. thats why the aftermarket is there.
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    Cerbera Speed 12 (street car) on the dyno... love it.

  16. ford still makes the 4.0lt turbo inline 6.
  17. That is why I said they would not be easy to find. I was talking to guy that described how he had to replace a cylinder liner and rebuild the engine of his Hispano-Suiza, of course my eyes started to bleed as I estimated how much it cost.
  18. maybe not the S54, but they still make the other two... idiot.
  19. mcdonalds restaurants are gr8
    yeah theyre everywhere

    for good reason

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  20. Don't make fun of CB.
    He has a good point.
  21. its sucks but you either have to look for a NOS part or have one made. either way will cost you a rediculous amount of money.
  22. um but hes wrong
  23. I'd love to see TVR make a comeback
  24. NO I'M NOT
    after market support is stupis
    Buying a grate crate motor is so much smarter

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