TVR reborn.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by RLQ, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Listen bucko
    If they don't sell it in the US it doesn't matter

    Tvr doesn't care about marketing a car to your type
  2. sounds like you're strainin to do some explainin, mister
  4. hell probably give himself a hernia... or a hemorrhoid
  5. hernorrhoid
  6. what car still uses the 2jz
    where would the turbo 4.0 be used

    why use such shitty engines when the LS meets emistions everywhere and is more powerful more economical sounds better
    everthing better

    if they wanted a shitty engine, why, theyd just use a TVR engine!!
  7. yabut america engines have real old technology from nascar so there not as fast as european engines from f1
  8. the turbo 4.0 would be used in the engine bay
    some people are some
  10. lol CB gettin owned ALOT in this thread

    face it dude your wrong
  11. Yeah, probably some shitty TVR engine...


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