ugh, biatches and their photos

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. this is why you learn to touch type
    then you can still post with your nose up someone elses
    double edged friendship
  2. want to know if porked
  3. T minus an hour and 15 till meeting. 10 o clock, I'm
    At the bar already, pretty sloshed. At the very least this'll be entertaining
  4. oh look impys back
  5. This girls coming from work and I've been drinking since noon. This might be awkward. Gotta act sober
  6. this can only go well.
  7. This might be rob 2.0... 8 minutes till 10 and she is nowhere to be found.
    If I get stood up it'll be too funny.
  8. getting stood up by a fatty would be very humbling
  9. your crew membership is looking shaky after this comment but it's up to ging since he made himself leader
  10. Why wouldnt she turn up
  11. Actually its wheelman who decides on who is in the mrrrgh crew
  12. It actually, went very, very well surprisingly.

    She ended up being like 45 minutes late, I kept drinking, by the time she got there I was wasted. Kept my composure though, I was pleasantly surprised to see she wasn't a fatty, and was actually pretty #$%#ing hot.

    I don't remember the conversations we had at all, I just know that I was charming the shit out of her. Ended up at her place within like 2 hours of meeting her, and she was amazing in the sack. Let me pretty much do anything to her.

    Icing on the cake, in the morning I was woken up to her blowing my morning wood.

    A+ night
  13. also walked into her living room naked at 4 am to find her asian male roommate sitting there on his laptop. i was halfway to the bathroom so i nodded at him and kept going. hah
  14. thats nice.

    i made out with a former porker last night.
  15. He was the one giving you the blow job. The nod you gave him was the 'go ahead' signal.
  16. Excellent, well done. Put it in her bum a few times before you move on.
  17. nice work. i was in the village last night. felt so old lol i didnt take a swing at the obviously frosh nyu women. might have landed me in jail
  19. That's more or less at the top of the agenda I have for this girl
  20. lol, take pics
  22. Well, I think you went polar opposites and are completely avoiding the root problem of previous depression by masking your life with booze and easy pussy. Either way man, glad to see you are one confident mofo. Confidence is everything.

    ...don't get herpes now.
  23. haha
  24. I'm glad everything worked out.

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