ugly and slow

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS' started by pkripper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. why is this car even here. its a typical rental car. isn't it front wheel drive? its got poor power to weight and displacement to power. nascar doesn't even use any original parts from a stock car.<!-- Signature -->
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    UGLY AND SLOW?!!!!! Maaan, wut u like?!!!! I bet its one of those ugly ass expensive cars from europe or some shit like that!!! Man, u know u'll never beable to afford one of those things!!! Anyways they 2 damn ugly!!! So just get with what u can afford!!! Or u prolly can't even afford that!!! Anyways, u put a 454 in one of them monte carlos and it'll kill ur car!!!


    Smoke you foo!!!!
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    His point is its not a concept, its not a Supercar and theres nothing special about it so whats it doing on this site?
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    Even though I am a Chevy Fan i still think this car is but ugly
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    I agree, this car sucks. I test drove one at the local Chevy dealership. It's got the same 3.8 liter V6 that sits under the hoods of most of GM's current V6-powered cars. It drove like crap, the sound system was crap, I was embarassed. Wound up buying a used Oldsmobile for my daily driver instead.
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    ugly and slow, huh...may I remind you all that a supercar does not have to have 500+HP or go 200MPH or look like a McClaren F1 to qualify as a supercar..Monte Carlos are supercars because of their NASCAR dominance, being the winningest marque in NASCAR history...I wouldn't mind owning a car like this, to own part of a legendary car, that was a very popular musclecar back in the day...nothing wrong with ugly and slow!
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    I am a chevy fan. But this car has the worst design imanginable. This car sucks in every department. Buy a V6 Camaro insted.

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