Ugly Hood

Discussion in '2004 Evolve S40' started by JayFabulous, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. The hood looks like a ricer did a bad paint job. Everything else is good though.
  2. its not painted its carbon fiber
  3. doesnt look bad...
  4. Tha hood looks awesome, the only complains I have is the tail-lights and the tilt of the rear tires.
  5. Stop being scared of cars looking like rice, when they obviously don't.
  6. the rear tires are oddly tilted but the rest is hotttt
  7. carbon fiber yes, they could have painted it to match the rest of the car though, and the back wheels are tilted too much, i agree
  8. im not scared of it, and i didnt say the whole thing was rice, just the hood. i like this car. just chill.
  9. calm down, he wasnt even flamin you or anything. anyway, i think this car is really funny, it's totally un-volvo and very un-european. the hood to me is really ugly, but i like the general aggressive shape of the car.
  10. Really how do you come to the conclusion that the rear tires are oddly tilted. Have you ever seen a track car. Do you realise that this is a show car designed to look like a track car.
  11. Are you mental you dont paint a carbon fiber hood
  14. I think this car is very hoooot (the hood too)

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