Ugly little bugger

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  1. This thing looks like a turd. Seriously, this is what the smelly unflushed crap in public bathrooms looks like. Sure it's fast, but you can not look good cruising around in a car that looks like it came out of your ass.
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    I just think the color is wrong. What happened to the usual Lambo Yellow or Metalic Purple?<!-- Signature -->
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    I to must admit this is a very ugly machine . Lamborghini should be ashamed.
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    Ugly shit.
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    Sorry to tell you guys but this car doesnt exist. The company that supposedly spent 4 years creating it it - Lamborghini of South America doesnt exist either. To be blunt the pictures of this car are fake all it is is a 1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT doctored using any program such as Adobe Photoshop. If you dont beleive me look for the company who supposedly created this car they dont exist anywhere they never have and never will. This care was most likely posted by the same person who began talking about the Mclaren F2 which he himself doctored photos of. As for this car haveing a hp figure, torque number, rpm limit, et.c it doesnt hence it does not exist. I am utterly amazed the morons at actually post fake shit like this and people think it is real. If i see anymore fake crap like this on i will create my own site of REAL supercars which i unlike dont make up cars so they can stay in business because they SUCK. At least could be realistic about it being that if this car did exist it would be in the news everywhere for having one of the ebst designs out of all the lamborghinis ever made. Being the fact that has no information on this car whatsoever and there is no information on the internet WHATSOEVER i am amazed yet once again people beleive this fake piece of shit is real.
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    Not sure about the company, but this car looks quite real to me. Just look at the details of the picture ie. the light reflection on the edges are realistic, and the reflected image of treetops on the bonnet. I've used photoshop before, and I don't believe these pictures are modified.
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    i agree with cobra this car looks very real,(and beautiful) it isnt ugly at all and i dont think photoshop made this, highly doubtful
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    sorry, ive seen it on
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    yes but the peformance makes up for it

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    I'm with you all the way. This could look decent with a better colour. What is with the shit brown. It looks like someone's dog didn't get outside fast enough.
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    Agreed this uglier than hell.
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    this isn't a VT, this car rules!!
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    no ugly little bugger its a classic car and im going round telling everyone about it and the ones that have seen it said that it was their dream car. youve got shit taste dude!!!!!!
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    no comment...
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    if you dont believe that this car is real just because you cant find it anywhere else on the internet your either stupid or cant search the internet very well i have found this car in lots of other sites and they all have the same stats with different angles of the car and everything and theyre proper photos because one of my friends has actually taken a REAL photo of this car at an xtreme lambo show room abroad so get gutted your just trying to trick everyone into thinking that dream cars like this dont exist
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    Hey people, what is up with you???? This is one of the best Lambo models ever, maybe only Murcielago and Countach are better. But i will translate special for swee13 one of the advertisments in the Bulgarian AutoPapers, that car is made specially for the buyer. You want something, you got it! It si only matter of money. Yep , i agree with IdoL, the colour is a little bit stuped , but if you make it like the Murcielagos` colour... just imagine!
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    This is by far the crappiest Lamborghini I have ever seen. What were they thinking?
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    i like the front end .. but wuts the deal with the tail lights and rear bumper?
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    i must agree this is one ugly lookin car
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    All I can say is that it isn't bautiful, but then who cares, if you can afford this car then you probably don't care what the Plebs think anyway!
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    I just want every1 who thinks that this car is crap to learn somthing by reading this... You dont have any taste in cars, your probably the kind of people who look at a porshe and think "o wut a cool design for a car" your sooo stupid u shouldnt waste the time to write a post if u have no taste and plus the color doesnt matter!!!!!!!!! u think just cause its brown it sux... heres an idea... buy it then, PAINT IT ANOTHER F***ING COLOR! and for the dumbass who said this car doesnt exist it does so dont b so gay and go ahead and make your own site u #%$... have fun *****
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    What the hell do you think you are doing?! You think if people don't like Lamborghinis they have no taste. Guess what, dumbass! Lamborghini isn't the only car company that makes awesome or "tasteful" cars. Also, you must be a retard if you think people who like Porsche have no taste. You are the one with no taste! You don't realize there some people who actually know stuff about cars. You probably don't know jack shit about cars. You say Lamborghini is best because you like how it looks.

    Porsche is better than Lamborghini. For example, take the Gallardo and the GT2. The GT2 is faster, lighter, and has better steering.

    You can go on trying to tell us something to make yourself sound better but it won't work. We all know you are a dumbass. Period.

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