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    Ummmm. You couldn't TOUCH a 360 Spyder for 128k, even a used one. When new, the 360 Spyders run for $230,000! And the used ones are still in the $170,000 - $190,000 dollar range. If I were going to pay that for a new Ferrari, I'd buy a new 575M (A faster, more powerful car, and with a V12) for the same money!
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    I think the front grill needs some work, but the rest of the car has very clean, flowing, balanced lines that make it perfect for a roadster (A tradmark of experienced designers).
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    I like it, i saw one in San Francisco with the top down (which is how all Z8's should be driven) and that only made me love it more, its a great-looking car with good performance. And dont diss the guy who started this thread, he can think its ugly if he wants, he might have a different opinion from nearly everyone else on this site but he can think its ugly if he wants to.
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    THis car is definately not ugly! I do have to say however that it looks like they stole the body styling from porsche, though. I do think it looks great, but slightly overpriced and I have only seen one on the road. They're really nice, though. The spedometer goes up to 180.
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    This car is definetly not ugly!!! Its awsome...if you think its ugly then ur just retarded
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    the Z3 and Z4 are better
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    I think this car is cool looking!
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    Z8 rules... and you are a very big asshole...
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    the first time i saw the z8 in a magazine, i thought it was really ugly, but you havent seen a car until u see it in real life. i saw this car, and trust me it looks great.
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    failchawi is right usually morons never see cars in real life, only see pics of the car and make idiotic comments of the car. Honestly, when i first saw the car it was a pic, and in NFSHP2, I personally didnt like the car as all Z series execpt for the Z4 until i went to the dealership and actually sat in the car, they wouldent let me drive it but you get a better feel of the car if you see tha car in real life, so if you want to make moronic comments go right ahead.

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