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    the pot smokers strike again!<!-- Signature -->
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    You stupid Ford lover. I saw this concept, it's sweet.
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    this car has to be the ugliest car since the Aztec, I mean hell who would seriously drive something like that. Leave it to the crackheads at GM to design something so ugly.
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    again another ford #$%#head hey why dont u try making something like this and put the time and effort of 100 years of work into it. ure ford crap hasnt even begun et and its already crapping in buisness the next ford i see in the street ima spit on (not that i dont do that already) but i #$%#in hate em. this wud probably burn all ure #$%#ing ford off the ground<!-- Signature -->
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    man, this car does look ugly. at first...then when you look, the mother#$%#ing boot is open, and when you think about it, if the boot were closed, it'd look good as all hell. you gotta think...with the doors and the boot closed, this car looks almost exactly like the original. don't look at it like the boot is part of the car, it's gonna swing flush with the rear end...but in the pic, it makes it look like the cockpit doesn't run all the way to the back of the car. but it is a sweet ride!<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm assuming there are no stats for this beast.
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    morons here... I saw this concept (actually the one I saw was black) and it is very nice, I would say the nicest design yet for any wagon. I will light anyone on fire who does not agree with me
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    Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Another stupid 'retro' design concept from Detroit. Why is it they think they need to make a new design 'retro' to get away with it being RWD with a V8.....
    I am so disappointed in GM, Ford, and Chrysler for all this crap they keep coming up with. They can do much better. What happened to the ground breaking stuff like the Taurus and Intrepid?
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    Hell... I'de seriously drive this, even more then a T-Bird!!
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    its alright, but the front end looks ugly. Its too plain, they need to definately redesign everything in front of the hood, then it might look better.
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    Looks OK
  12. this car is #$%#ed. it is horrible.

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