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  1. But probably the basis for the next Dakota. Too bad. Dodge is going down.<!-- Signature -->
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    i wouldn't say that some people may like it more than any other truck<!-- Signature -->
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    trucks these days are becoming more and more like drive-around cars rather than doing any hauling<!-- Signature -->
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    It don't get much uglier.
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    i dont think that it is possible for a car to be more ugly than this. it looks like a cross between a dodge and a jeep and its so ugly!
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    You know what, this guy's got something. What happened t othe big bruisers that would go anywher, tow anything, and scare little children? Yeah, I know, we've got the SILVERADO, Ram, SuperDuty, and Hummer H1, but I think the companies should build a line of full-size trucks that are designed to be run into the ground. I know, why don't they just configure their current full-sizers, but see, half the problem is their customers. All people care about any more is comfort and good mileage.<!-- Signature -->
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    my poo comes out slicker than this, pure ugly
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    Damn that is Ugly. FORD . . . ALL POWER TO YA TO KICK DODGE'S ASS ONCE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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