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    How can you say that? i mean look at the Lamborghini Counatch, absolutly beautiful. Looks sharp and aggresive. Same with this car, very slick looking with a raw power image.
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    A lot of the earlier Ferarris were ugly but not many after the 1980's.
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    Dumbass newbie. The Ferrari Testarossa series currently ranks 5th in the category for the most beautiful (and recognizeable) cars ever made. It is true that MOST 80's cars were ugly; but anything designed by the Pininfarina art studio WAS NOT: The Testarossa, F-40, 328 GTS, and the F348. And how about Porsche's 959??? Beautiful!!! The Testarossa has a very clean/areodynamic shape that allows it to cut through the air like a knife, but it is not outragious by any means. The Lamborghini Countach, despite being admired by hordes of people, is nowhere near as good-looking as the Testarossa. In the early days the Countach design (although very 'loud') was pleasing in many ways. Then it sprouted wings, spoilers and airducts to keep it on the groung until the car became a virtual caricature of itself. Then with the arrival of the Diablo, they went back to common sense and cleaner lines.
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    This car has been an Icon since it was designed, it was the essence of the exotic sports car for a long time. The testarossa/512 was my favorite car until the 355 came out...It was also the first car I fell in love with...You are just a dumb #$%# if you think this car is ugly...

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