Ultimate super-sedan battle

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  1. There has been raging a nasty war between automakers for a long time, finally the Americans have joined in with a worthy contender for the mid-big size sedans/estates sportscars, the Cadillac CTS-V!

    How does it kick it with the best european monsters?

    These are the european contenders:

    Audi RS6 (5.0L V10 biturbo, [email protected] / [email protected]) - 3.72 KG/HP

    Bmw M5 (5.0L V10 N/A, [email protected] / [email protected]) - 3.81 KG/HP

    MB E63 AMG (6.2L V8 N/A, [email protected] / [email protected]) - 3.74 KG/HP

    Jaguar XFR (5.0L V8 supercharged, [email protected] / [email protected]) - 4.03 KG/HP

    American challenger:

    Cadillac CTS-V (6.2L V8 supercharged, [email protected] / [email protected]) - 3.62 KG/HP

    Wich one is the best performancecar of the bunch, considering anything you imagine you want in the perfect performance sedan or estate.

    Some numbers:
    0-100 / 0-160 / 0-200 / 0-400m / 0-1000m
    speeds are in km/h

    Audi RS6: 4,4s / 9,2s / 14,4s / 12,5s / 22,7s
    Cad.CTS-V: 4,6s / 9,4s / 14,5s / 12,7s / 23,0s
    Bmw M5: 4,6s / 9,6s / 14,2s / 12,9s / 23,7s
    MB E63: 4,6s / 9,6s / 14,8s / 12,7s / 22,8s
    Jag XFR: 4,8s / 9,8s / 15,3s / 12,8s / 23,1s

    RS6 fastest to 100 and 160 + 400m and 1000m, M5 fastest to 200
    XFR slowest throughout, still pretty fast!
    MB and CTS-V in the middle, both are fast.

    100-0 / 200-0

    RS6: 36,1m / 145,4m
    CTS-V: 35,8m / 140,6m
    M5: 35,4m / 142,3m
    E63: 36,5m / 144,2m
    XFR: 35,7m / 149,6m

    In speed accerleration
    80-120 / 80-180 / 1000m from 50kmh in 4th gear

    RS6: 2,4s / 8,4s / 21,8s
    CTS-V: 2,5s / 8,2s / ???
    M5: 1,9s / 8,1s / ???
    E63: 2,5s / 8,2s / 25,2s
    XFR: 2,4 / 8,3s / 23,9s

    All numbers can be found at
    (numbers taken from big car magazines, if more than one magazine have posted times for a specific test, times have been averaged)

  2. mercedes e63 or audi rs6.

    voted mercedes. wouldnt mind an m5 with a eisenmann exhaust either.
  3. I prefer the styling of the previous generation cars for every maker here save Jaguar, but the XFR is clearly inferior. I guess if I have to have a current-generation big, sporty sedan I'm gonna have to pay Maserati a visit.
  4. Panamera Turbo.
  5. If were including price, the CTS-V for me.

    Really wish volvo had a car in this segment though.
  6. Yeah!
    The closest compeditor from volvo would be S80 V8, but that is miles slower than these :p!
  7. I'd imagine the 'naughty' S60 would be a closer match for these.
  8. what a gay post
  9. Volvo's new ad campaign is a bit...yeah.
  10. Didn't we just have a thread about this?

    Anyway, CTS-V
  11. Kinda wish Infinity and Lexus had a car like this too.

    Until the new M5 comes out, CTS-V for me.
  12. there's similar comparisons like, weekly.

    I still want the big Merc. 0.3 seconds or whatever doesnt make any difference, especially when at like, 200kmph.
  13. Holden VL Commodore
  14. lol
  15. Though i would not compare the S60 with A6,E-class,5series, jag xf or caddy cts.

    The S60 is size-wise on par with A4 and 3series!
  16. And yet the regular CTS is usually pitted against the 3-series, while the V version is up against the Uber 5-series. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>
  17. Yet still plenty fast, loving my dad's a lot

    edit: even though that's the previous gen 5 banger
  18. IS-F?
  19. The Mercedes like whoa.
  20. IS-F competes w/ the M3/C63.
  21. Because of price and badass factor. CTS-V for me.

    Other than that ALL the other cars are really awesome! Mercedes probably is the best of the bunch
  22. For real?, who in their right mind would pit a CTS vs a 3-series???

    Havent seen that, but size-wise the CTS is in the same leage as all these cars included in the post.

    3-series vs CTS = FAIL
  23. It's mostly a price thing, the 3-series is priced against the CTS here, but there's more to it.

    The 3-series base prices range from $33,650 to $41,500 for the petrol versions. The CTS starts at $35,135. It's also an intentions thing: the CTS is the baby Cadillac for now and is the most sporting, the 3-series is the baby bimmer (sedan) and is of course also sporty.
  24. uhm cts is a4/3series/c-class teritory

    sts is a6/5series/e-class teritory

    edit: does the sts even exist anymore?
  25. e34 M5 or e39 M5

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