Uropeen kars cant handle!

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  1. what a bunch of idiots
  3. those guys are stupid
  4. He probably just got sick of a couple of douchebags in a Corvette tailing him all day long.
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  10. You're the same guy who said "pretty owned in a american car". You should know why this thread was created more than anyone else.
  12. Patience is a virtue.
    I truly hope I have it enough when I get my bike out next week.
    And that road looked very crowded too, even crossing the speed limit would have been foolish.
  13. It's pretty easy to take over a Porsche. I did it many times. Not because I've such a fast car but because those guys usually don't drive fast. On the Autobahn it's not the Porsches but the Audis, BMWs and Mercedes that race the left lanes.
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  15. well, you did a pretty good research.. But I don't know what your problem is
    Edit: I think I know it haha, it's ok
  16. 1) SlaYeR is stupid
    2) that video is stupid.
  17. Whatever, if I was being followed by some twats in a Corvette like that I'd let them pass too.
  18. Pretty good research? I read one thread and then I read another thread right after that because they were together. I wouldn't call that research. Are you trying to psycho-analyze me?
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  23. It should've been obvious that the misspellings were intentional. The "OMG PROOF!" was another major clue.
  24. YOOOHOOO I'm stupid.. mm.. wait a minute , no I am not..

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