usa muscle or jap awd

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SGTSTIX, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. what do u prefer?

    what car and why
  2. Welcome to Promptly die in a fire.
  3. I dislike V 3.0 for this reason.
  4. Quit making half-assed threads about topics no one cares about.
  5. You must be New. Prepared to get flamed for this thread big time. I will answer your question though, through my opinion, both cars have there benefits, and downsides.

    I prefer American Muscle. Heres why.
    1. I do not need to smog my car (A very big deal in Cali).
    2. Generally easier to work on
    3. Generally lighter than thier modern counterparts
    4. The price only goes up when you work on Muscle cars
    5. Engine swaps are easier, and engine bays are larger
    6. I prefer the looks of old Muscle cars to the econ box looks of Japanese AWD cars. I personally think the Evo, and the WRX looks like a car chick would own, aka "cute". (I could get into the skyline looks though)
    7. I love the rumble and the torque of a large V-8
  6. This man has taste.
    I agree wtih everything there.
  7. You agree with not needing to smog your car because it's a big deal in CA?
  8. American Muscle

    i like tons of low end torque and yes it might not get off the line as fast, most AWD are caught and passed. 0-60 times for AWD cars dont tell the full story cause they get killed from 30-70
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth!
  10. You don't live in California do you? 90% of the smog laws are BS. If it was just the sniffer test, it would be cool. Thats the end result, thats what is coming out the exhaust thats what matters. It should not matter if a part that I get is CARB approved or not, if my engine burns clean, my engine burns clean. Let me put what ever I want in under my hood, as long as the end result passes, everything would be cool. I cannot own half the aftermarket that the rest of the world can because it is not CARB approved (there fore will not pass smog). I cannot engine swap with out it becoming a huge pain in the ass. Refree stations, millions of little laws to follow, any wrong part that is not approved by California, your car fails the refree dispite if the engine burns cleaner or not. It is so much easier to work on your car if you do not need to go through all the red tape BS.
  11. Then why the #$%# are you still talking?
  12. I did live in CA until July, but I was pointing out that SupraMan lives in Australia, so CA smog laws don't mean shit to him.
  13. ah, ok, sorry.
  14. so that you can ask me. Why are you still talking.
  15. I would rather have a Skyline over a Corvette anyday.
  16. Who #$%#ing gives a shit?
  17. Good, because I wouldnt
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  19. It's about damn time someone did.
  20. Which Skyline, which Corvette?

    I would take a ZL-1 Corvette over any stock skyline.
    I am sure as hell not going to take some 80's vette (stock) over a GTR R-34.
  21. I would take the R31-34 over the equal year vette, the rest the vette would win in a skyline vette comparo for me
  22. cause u are a fan boy
  23. All I know is my 95 vette has kicked the crap out of almost every car I have put it up against. my wins consist of two BMW M3s one was a convert, a few WRXs, 300zx, Rx7 tt, several Mustang Gt's, a few cobras, one S2000, a couple C5 corvettes, a newer Porsche 911 carrera 4 convert, some old 911, one LS1 Cammero SS, two TA WS6's and 3 juiced up turbo charged Honda Civics. So you say what you want all I know is I did not need to put a dime into my car other than the purchase price. Now, if i were inclined to do so without a doubt i would twin turbo this beast and go after Lambos.. I realize most of you magazine racers think I'm full of it but go into any C4 corvette forum and you will hear of other guys doing the same thing. the driver plays a big role in a win against cars like the M3 coupe or a C5 because I have no doubt that the cars have the power to take me but all it takes is one point of a second screw up and your ass is mine. Actually the only cars I have lost to were
    One 95 Mustang cobra while I had a bad opti spark, a viper RT/10, two Ls1 C5's, a Z06 "ouch!!!", and a modified lS1 TA Ws6.
    So if you ask me usa muscle or jap awd.. ill take USA every time baby for the straight line acceleration or a night out on the town but if I want to attack some really tight curves i got to admit the stupid looking jap awd cars are the ones to go with.. However the vetts no slouch.

  24. Whats wrong with that? I know the Skyline is better more exclusive and more exotic than that bring old vette.
  25. its also way more expensive

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