Used truck - holes in storage area?

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    So I've been doing some work on the south end of the city. I noticed a nice little dodge parked out front. It looked good, nice configuration and it was a diesel.

    So I contacted the dealership and asked them to list it onto their website etc. I got an email yesterday and when I was checking out the iterior pictures, I noticed these four mounting holes.

    Anyone have a quick idea on what could have been put in this place? Here is a picture of the area in question, and a link to the truck. Normally I'm not a Dodge fan, but this truck is sure tempting, price seems rather high for the year/mileage but its exactly what I was looking for in a truck, just a different brand.

    Location: Canada, so don't cross reference the price to your countries used truck market.
  2. Probably a contractor's truck and they had some sort of storage bin mounted there. You could get that piece at the junkyard for cheap.
  3. Ya the part doesn't worry me if I buy the truck. More or less curious on what was there exactly. My best guess is a CB radio of sorts.
  4. shotgun rack
  5. *rifle + metis card holder

    gunna shot me some moose
  6. On a side note, I'll find out monday if i'm buying this dodge.
  7. Pretty much guarantee that its for a 2 way radio. Or a bag phone I guess.
  8. Pretty much guarantee that its for a 2 way radio. Or a bag phone I guess.

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