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  1. where's my avatar
  2. I'm not sure that every avatar was able to be transferred over so you will have to upload a new one I'm afraid
  3. admint is not in our team, All our team members have Staff Badge. Everyone including mods and admins.

    I renamed username adminxf to _SC_

    Our full Staff member list is here http://www.supercars.net/forum/members/?type=staff
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  4. Thanks for clearing that up
  5. Ok good to now. Thanks!
  6. Guessing you're an old hat. Don't make us guess!
  7. Would it be possible to have some kind of shoutbox on the forum?

    I want the ability to argue with drunk w00t in real time.
  8. I would dig this as well
  9. holy shit v4 actually happened
  10. lol who the **** is this?
  11. ban his ip but first make him give me back my 944turb0 account

  12. Hmm. This would be a good chance to finally nip the troll accounts issue in the bud, but it appears as though people are still insistant on being difficult

    looking at the IPs, I remember now that you're a San Jose guy, right? I don't know who dripdropdiet is - IP shows San Mateo but of course the IP location isn't always the best way of figuring out where someone *actually* is

    The only way to prove your identity is to take a new picture of that black and purple sofa!
  13. woot should have his own twitch account, but instead of streaming games he should stream himself just being drunk and fielding questions from people
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  14. lol my parents still have that sofa :(
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  15. There already is a shoutbox.

    Anyway, i got old. Last time i was drunk was last november. I don't go out anymore.
  16. Working time zone preferences are awesome. You can actually tell when something's happened.
  17. I still have to get used to the new layout. When i browse around here, next thought is: "let's visit sc.net, see what happened there" and then i realize this is sc.net! Rip Royal blue haha
  18. There's a xenForo logo at the top left corner. Don't know if that's replaceable, but would like to see the old Supercars.net logo up there.
  20. w00t no drink brain high, right! Is same thing I say not smoking cigarette anymore, maybe believe less than Henan person.
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  21. Quite impressive, is now possibility to "like" member post like in Weibo

    So many new tool happen is making confusion!
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  22. dont you have some iphones to assemble?
  23. Suck my fat tits

    I drive bus you gweilo donkey vulva
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