Valentines day

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by superserge, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. any faGgot romantic plans?
  2. going out to lunch, not sure where, then we are going to go continue our cheesy horror movie valentines tradition, and go see wolfman, or whatever the name of that movie is.

    mostly just get out of the house so she can get a break from her thesis. nothing traditionally romantic.
  3. I will probably call or text this hot girl I fUcked but there is a shitty situation so I don't know what to do. And I'm out of money god damnit
  4. be cheesy romantic, its your only hope.

    although this being the middle of winter makes that a lot harder, i think they do that to make you spend more money, i mean, you cant really go for a romantic stroll on the beach sharing an ice cream cone in the middle of February.
  5. unless you live in asstrliana
  6. there is nothing to do.. it's cold, don't live on my own and shit... and the situation makes it harder, long story hmmmm
  7. lame <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. Well you've let us in on the story, and you've got nothing to do.

    Might as well type it out for us to read.

  9. Jesus #$%#ing Christ cut it out you #%$!

    You are gay, admit it.

    You are so obviously gay when stating "strictly hetero - no interest in men at all" in the very first page of the sexual preference poll and making valentine day's "I have a pletty gelfriend she's the best in the world" threads seconds after midnight...

    And now of course you are the first to post on another V-day thread about what to do with your imaginary fiance...

  10. ok , the story:

    I like this girl (a friend) a long time but she had with a friend of mine..that went to shit, got with another boy who is a friend of mine too..
    the broke up too and I #$%#ed her 2 weeks ago, and it's kind of an unwritten rule to not #$%# exes. Now I don't know what she wants and I'm a bastard who fUcked her..
    Don't regret it though because she's hot as hell but I think she just wants to stay friends and I want more
  11. ...?

    im gay because i said "i have no interest in men at all"

    and you think i faked my "best fiancee" thread? did i also buy a 1crt sapphire ring to fake you guys out too?

    what is your deal with me, ive noticed you posting after me for the past month or so, always with the "ur gay", "hey you queer", and "you lie about your girlfriend" shit. its gotten old. if i offended you talk to me like an adult, dont just attack me every couple days out of the blue. if it wasn't for all the stalking i'd have no idea who you were.

    But srsly, **** the unwritten rule, if she's hot as hell and not with anyone, go for it.

    There's usually at least a grace period between when they split up with your mate, and when you can go after them, though I suppose if she wants to be mates and nothing more it doesn't really matter.

    Plenty more fish in the sea at the end of the day I guess.

  13. Stalking? Lol, don't flatter yourself. Obviously you can't see that you are shouting "I AM NOT GAAAY" all over the forum.

  14. Coming to your house <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  15. Eh, you don't know SmilinGoat all that well I guess?
  16. i dont have a girlfriend, so i didnt do anything romantic today. i studied today and had a walk on the ice with my dog. that was it lol.
  17. this pretty much sums it up.

    sorry to hear it though.

  18. Now you are scaring me...

  19. PTPIHBAU... oh man I missed that! lol!!
  20. wtf is your problem? smilingoat is cool.

  21. I just want him to let go...he will feel better

  22. awwwwww, valentines hugz!
  23. yeah, smilingoats a chill dude, and def no homo
  24. THIS guy is obviously gay
    why are you trying so hard to make him gay?
    theres plenty others to choose from, amgrulz, veyronman, turb0,hemi

  25. What is definitely gay is having an army of supporters shouting and claiming that you are not an elephant.


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