Veyron killer?

Discussion in '2006 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron' started by eradicator, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Call me ignorant, but anyone see the picture of the day today (October 9, 2006)? Supposed "Veyron Killer," looks to be a Ferrari.

    Frivilous rumour? Or potential competition?

    I recently red the Evo where they compared the Veyron, Carrera GT, Enzo and Pagani Zonda C12. The Veyron was merciless. This car needs some competition!
  2. Er, Sorry about the double post and accidental poll.
  3. It has plenty of competition
  4. like what?
  5. hopefully, we'll hear more from Caparo about the T1... then maybe the Veyron will get a run for its money. The only problem I see with the Veyron is gas mileage. lol
  6. the FXX needs a performance test by one of the magazines
  7. Yeah the Caparo could definitely be a good run. In terms of track and acceleration times I'm sure it could beat the Veyron. But top speed? Hard to say.
  8. CCX
  9. veyron killer: it can kill any supercar not just the veyron!!!! it was build for speed all other supercars are build with top speed this one is build just for speed!!!!! if you wnat to know you can find more out and buy my supercar i am making!!!! site will come soon to!!!
  10. i think not. the veyron doubles the CCX in class and quality. also, it's not a deathtrap to drive. and it's ELECTRONICLY LIMITED top speed is eight mph faster than the ccx's CLAIMED top speed (245 while it has actually done only 241). tell me where the ccx gives the veyron a run for it's money. otherwise, the ccx is just a high end carbon shell with a blown V8.
  11. Just found this thread and figured I push the LPE twin turbo Mosler MT900 as a Veryon killer. LPE has produced 1000+ hp street legal vettes(except in Cali). I don't see why he couldn't produce a 1000+hp 427TT in a MT900, it's the same engine. I think that would be good for a 250 plus top speed. Not to mention that the MT900 weighs a good 1700 lbs less than the Veryon. I would wager to say that a TT MT900, would destroy a Veryon in the 1/4 mile, and produce slightly better track times. Plus IMHO the Mosler looks a lot better than the Veryon. Just my 2 cents.
  12. the ccx is still better...
    veyron kicks "A"!!!!!!!
  13. Is the reason they made it weigh so damn much the fact it had shitty aerodynamics? I'm thinking it went something like this "Hey ralph its no good. The car is producing 1000 lbs of lift front and rear." and bob replies "Well lets just make the #$%#er weigh 2 tons that should fix the problem" bob quickly replies "why god damn ralph why didn't i think of that"? Or it could just be the weed.
  14. What about the SSC Ultimate Aero TT.
  15. No, shut up.

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