Viper GTS vs Corvette ZR1 vs SLS Black Series

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Viper GTS - 8.4liter, V10, 640hp 600lbs torque, Curb weight~3300lbs 6speed MT, Tires front-295/30ZR-18, Rear-355/30ZR-19, 0-60~3.3sec, Top Speed~206mph, Price~$120,000

    Corvette ZR1 - 6.2liter, Supercharged V8, 638hp 604lbs torque, Curb weight~3333lbs, 6speed MT, Tires Front-285/30ZR 19, Rear-335/25ZR 20, 0-60~3.4sec, Top Speed~205mph, Price~$112,600

    SLS Black Series - 6.3liter, V8, 625hp 468lbs torque, Curb weight~3417lbs, 7speed DCT, Tires front-275/35ZR-19, Rear-325/30ZR-20, 0-60~3.5sec, Top Speed~196mph, Price~$230,000
  2. This would be t tough choice if not for the sls , let alone a black series
  3. i want the one that's twice as expensive and like, 20X as exclusive.

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