Viper vs. Vette

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by Viper Man666, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Dodge Viper SRT-10 vs. 2002 Vette Z06.

    I think the viper would win because it handles better and i believe it accelarates better than 4.1 secs. I think it was human error that moved it from 3.9. it gets .99-1.04 on grip and the hood is so hot you can cook a deep dish pizza and popcorn on it.

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    Motor Treand already did a comparison of em. The Viper smoked it, but they said the Vette waz overall better 4 the price. If i had the money, id get both, and go Civic stompin.
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    Racing Civics in a 90k car would be pathetic.
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    actually the pathetic thing is that civic drivers would probably challenge a viper or vette to a street race. I gotta read that MotorTrend article though. Viper anyday over a vette.
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    well duh......the viper is an 80K plus car..mod the vette with the truckloads of money you saved and you will stomp the crap out the viper...or ignore the extremely small difference in performance that you would never notice on the street and buy yourself a brand new 4 wheel drive vehicle for the winter! dont get me wrong the viper is a nice car but i would take the vette.
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    Or maybe not, the Viper puts more torque to the ground then the ZO6, espicially then new RT/10, on the dragstrip, i'd say it would be very close if not then i'd say Viper

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    Viper vs. Vette

    viper 4 performance, build quality, gadgets. corvette 4 handling, practicality, refinement. BOTH 4 looks.

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