Viper's rival

Discussion in '1993 Lister Storm' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. This is the only car to deal with GTS-R in FIA GT !

    Whats the best for you ? GTS-R or Storm ?<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey I dunno in my opinion, I think that this car is a little too sharpe edged, but that's just my opinoin.
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    Storm.<!-- Signature -->
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    It isn't Viper's competitior, rather it's MURDERER!!!
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    is right, well said.
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    I don't know. The Viper has a higher topspeed and HP which means it may have the edge on acceleration. But of course, it's the driver who makes the difference in a race.
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    What is wrong with you? Lister could kick Vipers but anyday
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    The only car that can easily lead the Lister is the TVR Speed 12 but that always breaks down near the end of races.
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    You couldn't be more wrong. The Team Oreca GTS/R could beat this, the Competition Coupe with 600HP could beat it, and the Doug Levin Stage IV Viper could beat it. And seeing that the Vipers I named are racing Vipers (With the exception of the Doug Levin Viper) and are lighter than the Storm, I think that they are very capable of beating this car.
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    I don't think that the Speed 12 has ever been raced. Only tests have been run on a Speed 12.
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    vipers suck i had a 1997. they got suckey acceleration and if you try to do a sharp turn youl roll like i did.

    verdict they suck
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    There's no way in the world that you have owned a Viper. Because if you did you would know that they handle like true sports cars and that the acceleration is awesome. 0-60 in 3.8 with 3000+ pounds and only 450HP. And the new ones are even better even though the old design looks better.
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    hehe, you're so wrong.
    It did compete in the British GT Championship last year(finished third by the way), but I don't think it will this year(new rules), and that version had only 700hp.
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    I was referring to the old version of the SPeed 12. It was a hell of monster and I don't blame TVR for not racing it.
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    bit of a mix-up there I guess. from both of us.
    I think he reffered to the Cerbera Speed 12, although he didn't say Cerbera. I never thought about the Old one when I read that, since that one hasn't been raced(as you said), and he was talking about racing(= the Cerbera).
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    No harm done. Both versions are cool.
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    True sports car?? Have you ever driven a Viper let me guess NO!! thats what I thought SHUT UP! YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CARS. I heard the guy who plays fraiser on T.V. Flipped his viper!!!!

    Vipers SUCK!!
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    Is that the way you get people's attention? Throwing ridiculous insults at people when you don't know what you're talking about? The guy who plays Frasier flipped his Viper so that makes it crappy. I really hate to have to drop to your level, but you are a stupid person. And actually, I have driven a Viper and myself along with many race car drivers were suprised by the superb handling of the Viper. So when you turn 16, get your license, if you can, get in a Viper and drive it. Then I won't have to hear your stupid mouth when you realize that the Viper IS a true sports car.
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    NO! Don't encourage someone to drive a viper after they get their license because if you're not careful with this car or you're not familiar with fast cars you can spin it out. I know a person who spun out his viper because he wasn't careful on a turn and was probably used to the traction controls on the luxury vehicles. You need more experience with cars than to go out and test drive something like a viper when you've been driving a toyota for your training.

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