Vipers suck!!!!!

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    ok first of all porsches are not bad cars...neither are vipers. first of all i believe that the viper gts-r doesn't even race against the gt3 or gt2 in lemans because the viper's engine is too big to fit in that category (someone correct me if i'm wrong????) secondly the gt-2 does the quarter mile in 11.6~11.7 seconds which is about as fast as the gts-r someone spoke of if their specs were correct. the viper is an awesome car built upon raw power and if anyone knows this the gts-r's suspension was TOTALLY MODIFED in order to race at lemans because the viper is an exceedingly difficult car to drive. lastly if someone has 80 grand to spend on a car they probably could afford even a gt-2 because 80~90 grand is already a lot of money for a car. a lot of you people seem to take you well this car costs 20 grand more and goes the same speed theory and apply it to everything. you forget that the people that have the money to buy these cars REALLY DONT NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE IN SUCH SMALL AMOUNTS AS 20 grand. yes porsche luvr i thin think the viper is a better sports car but the viper is pure raw power for 80 grand. and lastly this "american iron" you speak of is kind of off. the viper was developed by LAMBORGHINI when dodge owned it for a small period of time. the engine from the viper was actually supposed to be in an upcoming lambo at the time designed for raw power.
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    LOL sorry to dissapoint you kids, but the Viper would NOT "kick any on-road car on the earths surface". Nor is it "the best supercar ever built" Maybe for the money, but not in general. You sound like those people who think they're civics are the best after Nitrous Oxide, an intercooler and a muffler. The Viper is a great car, faster than most cars out there, but sorry to say the new porsche carrera gt (I think that's the name anyway) would probably be faster than this, but seeing I have no hard proof on this, I'll merely list as an opinion for now.

    However I do like the Viper a lot... one of my favorite cars actually. Not everything's about speed. damn 460hp is more than I'd ever use, and not everyone has half a million $$$ to blow on that new porsche. Not to mention I think the Viper's beautiful (except for that damn wing)
  3. Nice argument going on. No proof of anything, no stats, whole lotta flaming back and forth. This is exactly how an argument should be.

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    Wow, I guess a car that holds the record for the most FIA GT wins for any car, including Porsche, sucks. URL
  5. viper suck.
  6. I sincerely disagree with OP
  7. Then why cant Porsche, which is a german car company, Lap the Nurburing, which is a German track, Faster than a Viper ACR? Because Porsches are overrated. The GTR Beat the flagship 911 turbo!
  8. thats bull because the 911 turbo sucks dick, the gt2 couldnt lap faster than the ACR which is a VIPER

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