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  1. What is the cylinder config? 5-4-4-5?
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    <b>What is the cylinder config? 5-4-4-5?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    No it isn't. It's 6-6-6! It's a funky (not so)little engine.
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    V16 = 8-8

    W16 = 4-4-4-4

    W18= 6-6-6
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    The reason it's called 18/3 is because it has 3 rows of 6 cylinders. Kinda obvious, isn't it?
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    No the reson it is called 18/3 because it has 18 cylinders with 3 valves per cylinder.

    The 18/4 is called the 18/4 becasue it has 18 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder.
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    Yeah, I know. I posted that a really long time ago.
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    This was my post from another forum it might help.

    The idea that 3 inline 6's are correct. Look at the vw "w8 engine" and add more cyliders and you will get the idea.

    basically they are saying

    source to explain:


    Copy and Paste From Source:

    W18 engine
    As 18 is not dividable by 4, you know the W-18 is not derived from VR engines. In fact, it follows the old Audi philosophy of mating 3 banks of 6-cylinder, running the common crankshaft. The drawback is : Among the 3 banks there are 2 large Vee angles. My estimation is 60° each, hence a total of 120°. For comparison, the W16 is just 15/2 + 72 + 15/2 = 87°, therefore the W-18 is a lot wider. In terms of length, the W16 has the same length as a VR6, that is, about the length of 4 and a half cylinder. The W-18 is as long as an inline-6.
    As seen in the photo, the W-18 used by Bugatti EB-218 concept car is very big and complex. Two of the banks mate like a conventional 60° V6 while the remaining bank lays down to horizontal level. Complex induction manifolds and exhaust pipes run between the banks. (note that the exhaust pipes were not fitted to this prototype, otherwise it would have looked even more complex.)

    Obviously, W-18 is not as clever as W-16. Although there is no problem of fitting in the jumbo Bugatti saloon, I must question its purpose. Is it more powerful than a V12 can achieve ? No. Is it smoother than the theoretically ideal V12 ? No. Is it shorter than a V12 ? No. Is it narrower than a V12 ? On the contrary. Is it cheaper to be built ? Never. Is it more spectacular to the riches ? Yes.

    How easy the internet can be
    step 1: Post topic about engine
    step 2: Guess on how it is built
    step 3: read posts on how people think it is built
    step 4: open alternate internet browser
    step 5: go to www.google.com and search w18 engine
    step 6: get a definite answer by engineers and professionals.
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    they make some pretty weird engines these days
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    wit a w18 i think the HP should be much much higher.
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    what if they stuck quad turbos in this
    ahahhaHH that'd be cool.
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    Only three banks logistically impossible
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    that is the configeration
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    Why do they make such wierd engine with so many cylinders when i can get the same performance from a V6, with less weight?? if its just for making a really exotic car they did damn good job
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    low power 18-cylinder, only 300k
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    'only' 300K for a W18 that offers 'only' 550 bhp???? but your paying more for the badge here than the performance. (yes i am aware it is a concept).
  16. Quote from BMW hater: "wit a w18 i think the HP should be much much higher. "

    Tell me when has the amount of cylinders ever affected engine output?
  17. And?

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