wack offffroad

Discussion in '1938 Lincoln Model K LeBaron Converible Sedan' started by A.R.i racing, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. a denali with offroad tires has much better traction than this car!!!!!!!!!!! it has 600 more torque!!!!!! its only 4 speed and a denali is 17 speed!!!! if u think im wrong your a herb
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    well, you are right that is just a car, but it is still better then a denali. i know alot about 4X4s but i dont understand were you get the 17 gears. were you high?
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    Yeah Jack, I bet a denali has 600 more torque. I think you dont know jack one about trucks. My Avalanche would whoop up on your Denali offroading.

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