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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Veyronman, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. I *think* I know what's going on but I just want to get a second opinion

    The temp gauge on my bike doesn't move as much as it should. seems as though I need to do 10-15 mins of slowish town riding to get the needle to sit in the middle of the gauge, then as soon as I leave built up areas and get some speed going the temperature is lost quite quickly.

    Would I be right in my assumption that the thermostat is stuck open, not giving the engine much opportunity to properly warm up? I've seen a similar thing happen to a friend's car, and replacing the thermostat fixed the issue.
  2. Yes, thermostat is stuck open. Need to replace it.
  3. It sounds like the thermostat is stuck open James. You should look into replacing it to resolve your issue.
  4. I dunno about these other people, but it sounds like your thermostat is stuck open. You'll have to replace it.
  5. Cheers guys
  6. Don't do a 944Turb0 on us.
  7. Might as well boil water and test the old one (to confirm problem) and new one too (to confirm it works, you never know).
  8. lol don't worry I'm capable of repairing things like this. I've already replaced the whole front end on my bike so I'm sure a thermostat wouldn't trouble me.
  9. I may have to start a thread soon....
  10. If the thermostat was stuck open, then once it got up to operating temps it should act just like a normal thermostat, no? I don't know if bikes are different, but in a car once it's open, it's open until the engine cools down. Having it stuck open just means it takes longer to get up to temp than normal, but doesn't mean it sheds heat quicker than it should.

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