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Discussion in '1997 Lotus Elise GT1' started by Scuderium, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. You need at least 600 horses to be competitive in GT1, espically since the car has to be ballasted.The car sure looks good and handle well, but it doesn't have the power to overtake if placed on the track.<!-- Signature -->
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    im taking a wild guess here but i think you havent driven one ever so how would you know it doesnt have the necessary power to overtake on a track????????? when you come up wit an answer holla back young'n.
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    this is just the car in street trim. in tace trim im sure it makes about 600 hp. i have a 1/18 scale model of the PROTON/ Franck&Meuller GT1
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    Sure... go on being ignorant...
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    i like this car. nothin to say really just tryin to get some more posts.
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    OMG,you're such a MoRON first of all this car does come with over 600bhp in RAce trim.
    This one has only 350bhp 'cause it's the road version of the Elise GT1 race car which has 600+bhp.
    you need to get more car knowledge son before posting these stupid posts and making your self look like an IDIOT!
    And 0-60 3.8 plus 198mph isn't weak kiddo!lol

    Imports Rule,Espacially this(Elise GT1) Beauty!!!!!!!
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    your right scuderium ive finished gt2 and 1 100 % and i have used lots of cars and that aint to bright

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