Well, once again, another drug to be made illegal

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. silveradoman? i think he has had a share of drugs. and liquid child also.

    the only things i hallucinated was when i was driving (i got about 15 down, and could handle it quite well) all the cars were 2d. i dont know how to explain it. just imagine a flip book of a car passing by. its like that, you see all the angles of the car, but the car seems flat!
  2. like amgrulz.

    p.s your avatar is awesome is that a painting?
  3. No, you don't need to have first hand knowledge to know a damn thing about something.
  4. yeah i have, wasnt impressed the few times i did. one of my friends got a real kick out of it though... but i suspect most of it was in his head.
  5. just listen to the commericals they are SOOO right...
  6. it would help.
  7. Shut up, you act as though it's no more hazardous than smoking meat.
  8. i heard cigarettes are worse for you than weed.
  9. Maybe, but that doesn't mean that doing a drug means you have more complete knowledge about it than someone who hasn't.
  10. true. but i would like to know some of a subject but have hands on experience than someone who knows lots about a subject but never even seen/heard/experienced.
  11. EXACTLY. It's not a strong drug in the least. Ive done it numerous times, mostly just for relaxation. Its been used for a thousand years by shamans in the Oaxaca region for ceremonial purposes and still is used. If you do enough, yeah you can get a good kick out of it, but the fact of the matter is - is this: 5 minute peak time, 10 minute comedown, and in 15 minutes, you feel the same as you did 16 minutes earlier.
  12. I get this, Ive done slavia quite a few times and only ever felt a little head rush.
  13. Same here. I just wish people (mainly biased/ignorant reporters) would stop making such a stink about what can get you high. Tell them to get on the BATF's case and list alcohol as a Schedule 1 narcotic, because it #$%#s up more people harder as well as their lives and the lives around them SIGNIFICANTLY more than this shit ever has. So what if a kid committed suicide, I feel sorry for his family and friends. He had something else going on in his head other than a toke and a 5 minute high, period. How many people commit suicide when they're drunk? Probably more than half, I dont know - you gotta build up the courage to do something like that first, and alcohol kills most inhibitions (ie sleeping with fat chicks).

    dont blame a harmless plant, it just grew up and get persecuted. Booze is MADE to #$%# you UP
  14. I've seen people do icredibly stupid shit while drunk too. What's the point?
  15. what are you getting at? people do the MOST stupid shit drunk. And more people drink than use any other mind altering substance. its by far the most dangerous "easily accessable" drug in the world. and its legal in every country.
  16. yes it is a painting.
  17. This is actually hilarious. Everybody is having a flame war and Jeezus comes in and posts a few trip reports.
  18. It was a reply to the people going on about how bad salvia is.

  19. oh ok. I want everyone in here to go out and buy some like, right now - its cheap - and smoke it. Tell me how amazingly it #$%#ed you up. Youll be amazed at how insanly harmless this stuff is.
  20. Imma buy a 26 instead.
  21. I did it once and I really didn't feel anything. I had a massive headache a little later, but it was probably just coincidence.
  22. Good call. Seriously.
  23. That is so not a good call. Seriously.
  24. who is it by?
  25. salvia is pretty balls to the wall, ive seen some people lose control of themselves several times on that shit.

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