Westboro Baptist Church Vs KKK

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  1. oh really, I thought that you didn't live in a shitty neighbourhood near the ghetto boyz.
  2. This, this, this, this, this.

    Stop counter protesting you retards. If you want to spend time protesting, why don't you spend time figuring out something CONSTRUCTIVE that you DO support, or at least find something that you're against that NOT EVERYBODY ON THE WHOLE PLANET IS AGAINST. Sheesh, what a major waste of time to actually show up to counter protest these goons.
  3. For real, I doubt they believe the shit they spew out of their mouth but they found a way to get massive attention and they're constantly on the news. Cute scam
  4. do you like punk music
  5. not really
  6. I wonder how Hemi would react if he was attending a funeral for a fallen soldier and WBC showed up.
  7. para ord p14-45 with 10 magazines loaded with corbon 45 acp metal piercing bullets would be my answer if the wbc showed up.
  8. Followed by life in prison
  9. his life is already a prison.

    no woman in his life, low income, not allowed to own guns etc.
  10. Fountain pen books
  11. I wonder if Hemistage would make a good body guard?
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    wOOT or whoever the #$%# you are, you know jackshit about my life, but all I know is that your life is miserable and that you are a sore loser.
    You don't know what my income is, stop worrying about me,worry more about yourself.
    You live in one of the most trashiest places of Netherlands whereas I live in one of the most expensive and wealthiest towns of my region called http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croissy-sur-Seine located in the Yvelines department http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yvelines.
    In 1999, I alongwith the help of my uncle living in Lausane, we bought together an appartment in Zurich in order to rent it. Result is that I have spared money and that I will certainly purchase another appartment near where I live in 2012.
    Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong buddy, this is just a sound advice. I don't need to receive any kind of moral lessons or what ever bullshit it is coming from a moron like you that is way younger than me.
    When you will be older than me or at least have some life experience then you will talk to me, now knock it off, miserable piece of shit.
  13. wbc is more or less a religious terrorist organisation, so getting rid of it, is preserving the safety of other citizens.
  14. What do you think of the KKK Hemistage?
  15. as bad as woodpeckers or any hispanic or black gang inside America
  16. what
    why would you hate that quirky bird
    a wonder of evolution
  17. all it does it make a light tapping sound
    the noises of nature truly are relaxing
  18. And a life of paradox - strongly identifying with redneck/conservative america, despite the irony that rednecks hate the french.
  19. life of paradox, what a bunch of bullshit. Life with down syndrome for you like for many asstralians. I prefer to be a conservative than some scum socialist pig.
  20. Lol this guy cracks me up so much.

    You know what I just thought of... Hemistage would be such a great character in a Fallout game. Not only because his 1950s style approach to life and people's concepts of future robots, but because of his total rage and paranoia of anything from the left.

    He kind of reminds me of Mister Gutsy...

    "Kill em all and let God sort em out!"
    "What's the matter you pansy ass Pinko? Getting tired?"
    "Well, since you don't seem to be willing to do the world a favor and kill yourself, I guess I'm going to have to do it for you!"
    "That's how we do things in the US Army! Hooah!"
    "There's nothing better than the smell of fresh plasma in the morning."
    "Are you ready to die for your country, you commie son of a #%!@?"
    "Nothing I like more than a little R and R on Uncle Sam's time"
    "You had better run you commie loving bastard!"
    "Tell my momma I've done my best..."
    "Pin My medals upon my chest..."..
    "Ah another glorious day in this man's army."
    "Just box me up and ship me home..."
    "I'm just gettin' warmed up! Hoo-Ah!"
  21. I was actually surprised that he gave a flag to that coloured woman.
  22. My "1950's style approach to life", you are that stupid, aren't you?
    I valued and appreciated Reganism as well as Reganomics because they were efficient policies and they have made of America a rich country.
    About 50's, all I know is that chasing down the communists in the US was a necessity.
    If you value socilaism so much, so why then you quit asstralia and live in a socialist country?
    Rethoric bullshit like this show the level of your ignorance.
    You are like many of these stupid ignorant #$%#s who have no respect for their elder peers nor values, you are a lost cause. I am not going to pity you when you will face the worst.
  23. If you want me to respect you, maybe its about time you act like someone worthy of respect. Unfortunately, as long as you keep on acting like some enraged ghetto trashbag, you wont get any respect from me.

    PS. I care not for your pity, or for anyone's for that matter.

    PPS. I'm currently drinking green tea like a pansy leftist FAGGOT. Just thought i'd throw that in there.
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    i love you

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